Forex: The Rebranding of Nigeria’s I&E Market

Dive into Nigeria’s forex evolution as the I&E window gets a fresh identity as NFEM, signaling the CBN’s drive for market unification and regulation.

Have you ever heard the phrase “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”? Well, in the ever-changing world of finance, names do matter.

The Investors and Exporters (I&E) window, a pivotal segment in Nigeria’s foreign exchange market, is getting a new name.

Let’s dive into the specifics.

CBN’s Announcement: The New Face of I&E

The acting Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Folashodun Shonubi, has pulled back the curtain on an upcoming change.

The official foreign exchange market, popularly known as the I&E window, will soon be christened the Nigerian Foreign Exchange Market (NFEM).

But why the change, and why now?

Backdrop of the Renaming

Mr. Shonubi unveiled this revelation during a lecture entitled “Diaspora Remittances and Nigeria Economic Development”.

This prestigious talk was presented to members of the Executive Intelligence Management Course (EIMC) 16 at the National Institute for Security Studies, Abuja.

This renaming doesn’t stand in isolation. Merely two months prior, the CBN made waves by dissolving the segmentation in the foreign exchange market.

All rates and segments were consolidated into the I&E window, transforming it into the sole official forex market.

A Brief History of I&E Window

Established by the CBN in 2017, the I&E window was designed as a marketplace for investors, exporters, and end-users.

Its distinct trait? It allowed forex trades at exchange rates determined by the current market scenario.

This transparency ensured an efficient price discovery process for the Nigerian foreign exchange market.

Shonubi’s Perspective

In his own words, Shonubi asserted, “We will rename the foreign exchange market, known as the I&E market, to the Nigerian Foreign Exchange Market, emphasizing its role as the singular market we recognize.”

Current Challenges in the Forex Market

Amidst this change, challenges persist.

The Nigerian naira recently plummeted to a record low of N955/$1 in the parallel market, while the I&E window saw rates of N781.34/$1.

The liquidity crisis is evident.

Shonubi hinted at rigorous actions against banks involved in illegal forex sales.

With a special commission in place for surprise checks, the apex bank is on high alert.

Though CBN initiated the Naira 4 Dollar scheme, offering a N5 refund to promote formal market transactions, the results were less than satisfactory.

This led to the rebate’s discontinuation.

Yet, Shonubi acknowledged the power of incentives in drawing people to official platforms.

Diaspora Remittances: A Parallel Problem

Another concern is the influx of diaspora remittances into unofficial markets.

Many such remittances, arriving in dollars, bypass official documentation, ultimately feeding the parallel market.

This unregulated parallel market isn’t just a challenge; it’s a potential hotbed for illicit activities.

Renaming the I&E market to NFEM is more than just a rebranding exercise.

It signifies the CBN’s commitment to unifying, regulating, and stabilizing Nigeria’s foreign exchange market.

As the landscape evolves, one can only hope that the fresh identity brings forth fresh results.

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What was the I&E window?

The I&E window was a segment in Nigeria’s forex market where trades were made based on current market rates.

Why is the I&E market being renamed?

The renaming to NFEM marks its significance as the sole official forex market recognized by the CBN.

How has the naira been performing recently?

The naira experienced a record dip, trading at N955/$1 in the parallel market.

What steps is CBN taking against illegal forex activities?

CBN has hinted at stringent actions against banks involved in unauthorized forex sales.

How do diaspora remittances affect the forex market?

Undocumented remittances in dollars often end up in the parallel market, affecting the official rates and contributing to potential illegal activities.

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