Nigeria Police Recruitment 2024 Application Portal Update

Join the Nigeria Police Recruitment: A Chance to Make a Real Difference in Your Community – Apply Now for June 2024 Intake! Discover the Eligibility Criteria and Application Process to Be a Part of a Timeless Legacy of Duty and Honor with the Nigerian Police Force.

About Nigeria Police Recruitment

The Nigerian police want to be very strong to keep everyone safe. They choose new officers carefully. First, you apply and they check if you’re good. Then, you take tests to show how strong, healthy, and smart you are. They also talk to you to see if you’re right for the job.

They want officers from everywhere in Nigeria and different backgrounds. This helps them understand people better and be fair in picking the best officers.

They really want more women to be officers too. This makes the police look more like the people they protect.

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If you become an officer, you’ll go through tough training to learn all the skills. Then, you’ll go to different parts of Nigeria to help keep everyone safe.


Where You’re From:

  • You must be from Nigeria.
  • You need a National Identification Number (NIN).

Your School Grades:

  • Have 5 credits in WAEC/NECO, including English and Mathematics? Great!
  • But, exams taken before 2015 don’t count.

Your Age and Size:

  • You should be 18 to 25 years old.
  • Men should be at least 1.67 meters tall, and women should be at least 1.64 meters tall.
  • Men, make sure your chest is 34 inches or more when you take a deep breath.

A Few More Things to Know:

  • Pregnant ladies might want to wait before applying.
  • You should have a phone and a place to live.
  • Make sure you don’t owe money and haven’t broken the law.


Here are some key advantages:

  1. Enhanced Security: Recruitment ensures an adequate number of trained personnel to maintain law and order, thereby enhancing the overall security of communities and the nation.
  2. Crime Prevention: With more officers on the ground, there’s a better chance of preventing criminal activities through patrols, investigations, and community engagement.
  3. Professional Development: Recruitment often comes with opportunities for professional development, including specialized training in areas such as forensic science, cybercrime, and community policing, which enhances the effectiveness of the force.
  4. Improved Public Trust: A well-staffed and trained police force can foster greater trust and confidence among the public, leading to increased cooperation with law enforcement agencies and improved community relations.
  5. Career Opportunities: Recruitment provides job opportunities for qualified individuals, offering stable employment with benefits such as healthcare, pension plans, and career advancement prospects.
  6. Crime Detection and Resolution: Adequate recruitment means more resources for investigating crimes, gathering evidence, and bringing perpetrators to justice, which contributes to a safer society.
  7. Capacity Building: Recruitment allows for the expansion of the police force’s capacity to handle emerging security challenges, including terrorism, cybercrime, and organized crime, through the deployment of specialized units and technology.
  8. Diverse Representation: Recruitment efforts often aim to ensure diversity within the police force, including gender balance and representation from various ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and cultural understanding.
  9. Community Policing: Increased recruitment can facilitate the implementation of community policing initiatives, where officers work closely with residents to identify and address local concerns, leading to more effective crime prevention and resolution strategies.
  10. National Development: A well-functioning police force contributes to a conducive environment for economic growth and development by ensuring stability, protecting investments, and fostering a safe and secure society for citizens and businesses alike.

How to Apply

Here’s a simple way to apply for the Nigeria Police Recruitment:

  1. Collect Your Papers: First, get your important papers ready. This includes your school leaving certificate, birth certificate, and place of origin certificate.
  2. Sign Up Online: Go to the website and start filling in your details online. Be careful to enter everything correctly.
  3. Print Your Forms: After filling the online form, print it and the form that says someone knows you well (guarantor form).
  4. Go For Checking: You need to go to a place where they will check your papers and you in person. This happens in different places in Nigeria. They check to make sure you fit what they are looking for.
  5. Be Careful and Thorough: When you are doing this, pay close attention and make sure all the information you give is right.

Follow these steps to apply to be part of the Nigeria Police Force, helping keep your community safe.

Screening Date

The Automated Physical/Credentials Screening Exercise for those who successfully completed the online registration for recruitment into the Nigeria Police Force as police officer is scheduled to know more about the details click here ➡️➡️Nigerian Police Recruitment Medical Screening Date 

Beyond The Uniform: A Legacy Awaits

Do you hear it? The call of duty resonates, urging you to become an integral part of a legacy that transcends mere service.

When you don that uniform, remember, it signifies more than just attire. It’s a symbol of hope for millions, a beacon of safety, and a testament to order and discipline.

Do you sense a profound purpose stirring within you? Are you attuned to the summons of duty?

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) extends its invitation, offering you the chance to become a part of something truly monumental.

For those driven by an insatiable passion, for those who aspire to more than a mundane job, Nigeria Police Recruitment opens the door to a realm of duty and honor.

Embrace the mantle of responsibility, become a guardian of peace, and partake in a timeless legacy—the NPF offers more than mere employment.

It’s a calling, a commitment, a profound duty. Are you prepared to fulfill your role?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I apply if I took my exams in 2014?

Sorry, exams before 2015 are not considered.

Is there an online portal for Nigeria Police Recruitment applications?

Absolutely! Head to

What’s the age range for applicants?

Between 18 to 25 years old.

Are there physical criteria for the application?

Yes, height and chest measurements are crucial.

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