Nigeria’s Leap Towards AI Development: A National Initiative

Dive into the Federal Government’s ambitious plan through NITDA to spearhead AI development across Nigeria, empowering communities and shaping the nation’s future.

We were thrilled when news broke out that the Federal Government, via the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), unveiled its ambitious plan: creating AI developer communities throughout Nigeria.

This grand vision, shared by Mr. Kashifu Inuwa, the Director-General of NITDA, is not merely about technology. It’s about sculpting the future of Nigeria.

The Driving Force

Can you imagine communities where the brightest minds come together, eager to learn, and then spread their knowledge even further? Mr. Inuwa can.

He imagines vibrant communities that shape the landscape of technology in Nigeria.

For him, it’s as if you’re pouring water into a vessel, and it overflows, benefitting all in its vicinity.

He outlined the vision as, “Individuals arrive, learn, and subsequently impart knowledge or establish impactful businesses.

The Vision’s Core

Three states will kick start this initiative this year.

From there, the reach extends, much like the branches of a tree reaching out, covering state after state. Ultimately, every local government area would be touched.

Ever wondered why? Well, Mr. Inuwa believes that our nation’s most precious treasure is our human capital.

It’s as if the heart of Nigeria lies not in its vast resources but its people.

Imagine the potential when this human capital is refined with AI knowledge.

The Power of NAIDT

Now, don’t think of this as just any program.

The NAIDT platform promises more.

How about crafting indigenous super applications like generative AI and language modelling?

Imagine the ripple effect when a Proof-of-Concept is achieved with NITDA and then pushed throughout the government.

This is not just about tech; it’s about propelling Nigeria’s digitization dream.

Delving into AI Training

The Training Layers

Hold on to your hats because this gets exciting.

Mr. Ya’u Garba, the National Director of NCAIR, laid out the framework. Think of it as a three-tiered fountain:

  1. Basic: Here, aspirants learn the rudiments of programming. It’s like equipping someone with the alphabet before they craft a story. The primary language? Python – the DNA of modern tech.
  2. Intermediate: Once the basics are grasped, it’s time for the real journey. Here, students gear up with skills to dive into the vast IT universe.
  3. Advanced: Tailored for those eager beavers. It’s problem-centric, ensuring that once out, they’re not just techies but problem solvers.

Google Developers Group: A Pillar of Support

As we applaud this initiative, a nod must be given to the Google Developers Group (GDG).

Their representative, Mr. Ibrahim Muhammed, voiced their unwavering support throughout the training.

The Outcome?

In one word? Phenomenal.

The program yielded instructors, gave birth to startups, and paved the way for numerous job opportunities.

A whopping 1227 beneficiaries across 10 Cohorts were enriched, molding them into AI and Machine Learning aficionados.

Nigeria is on the brink of an AI revolution.

With the federal government’s push, an entire ecosystem of AI developers is set to emerge.

The future? A Nigeria powered by its people, for its people. An AI-driven Nigeria.

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What is the central goal of this AI initiative by the Federal Government?

To create AI developer communities across Nigeria, driving technological growth.

Who is the force behind this initiative?

The NITDA, under the leadership of Mr. Kashifu Inuwa.

How does the AI training program function?

It’s a three-tiered program: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Has the program shown any tangible results yet?

Yes, it has produced instructors, fostered startups, and secured job opportunities for its participants.

Is there any collaboration with international tech groups?

Absolutely! The Google Developers Group (GDG) has been a supportive pillar throughout the training.

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