WAEC Introduce Examinations with Computer-Based Testing

Explore WAEC’s visionary move to transform exams with Computer-Based Testing. Discover the challenges and the lasting legacy of Mr. Patrick Areghan.

The West African Examinations Council, fondly known as WAEC, is not just another educational body.

It symbolizes hope, academic excellence, and the dreams of young West Africans.

Now, WAEC stands at the cusp of another transformation.

The Digital Leap Forward

You know, in today’s digital age, everything from shopping to chatting has moved online.

Why leave exams behind?

WAEC thinks the same! They’re gearing up to introduce Computer-Based Tests (CBT) for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Remember when we transitioned from letters to emails? This feels kind of like that, but in the world of exams!

A Peek into WAEC’s Vision

Mr. Patrick Areghan, the big boss at WAEC’s national office, spilled the beans in a recent interview.

This tech-savvy move isn’t just about keeping up; it’s integral to WAEC’s future vision.

Challenges on the Horizon

Every silver lining has a cloud, doesn’t it?

Areghan put emphasis on a few bumps in this digital road.

While CBT is a piece of cake for objective questions, the story changes when it comes to practical and essay-based subjects.

It’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole.

There are challenges like ensuring everyone’s computer-savvy, having computer facilities at the ready, and, of course, the ever-elusive reliable electricity in schools.

WAEC’s Determined Strides

Though the path seems filled with obstacles, WAEC’s spirit remains unbroken.

The game plan? Kick things off with CBT examinations for objective questions.

Then, as they say, slow and steady wins the race, WAEC will slowly bring theory and practical papers into the CBT fold.

Not All Schools Are Onboard… Yet
Areghan did drop a truth bomb: not all schools might be up for this techy switch right away.

So, a segmented approach might be the way forward, where some students stick with the good old pencil and paper mode.

Imagine it like a buffet, some choose the new dishes while others stick to their favorites.

Beyond Just Tests

CBT is just the tip of the iceberg! Areghan’s dreams for WAEC don’t just stop at digital exams.

He sees a future where every aspect of WAEC’s operations is fully digitized.

It’s like turning an entire library into an eBook. This bold dream aligns perfectly with the overarching vision of using digital technology to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of educational testing.

Areghan’s Lasting Legacy

As the calendar pages flip closer to October 1, Mr. Patrick Areghan is set to bid adieu to his office.

Yet, he doesn’t merely leave memories; he paves the way for a tech-driven, advanced, and accessible examination system for the bright minds of West Africa.

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What’s new at WAEC?

They’re rolling out Computer-Based Tests (CBT) for the WASSCE.

Why is WAEC making this move?

It’s part of their vision to modernize the examination system and make it more efficient.

Are there challenges in this shift?

Yes, particularly with practical and essay-based subjects, as well as concerns regarding computer literacy and consistent access to electricity.

Will all schools switch to CBT immediately?

Not necessarily. There might be a segmented approach.

What’s Mr. Patrick Areghan’s role in all of this?

He’s been a driving force behind this innovation, laying the groundwork for this tech transformation.

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