NCC Grant of N10 Million Opportunity for 2023

Seize the NCC Grant Opportunities and transform your innovative ideas into revolutionary solutions for Nigeria’s growth.

A Golden Ticket to Innovate in Nigeria

Ever dreamt of making a tangible difference with your groundbreaking ideas? Well, here’s your golden ticket.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) unveils the 2023 Talent Hunt Research with Hackathon!

This initiative, marking its third edition, is all about celebrating innovation and promoting local talents.

NCC’s Vision for 2023 to 2025

From 2023 to 2025, the NCC’s blueprint revolves around one primary goal – cultivating extraordinary research and propelling local talent to new heights.

This is more than just a competition; it’s a platform for emerging tech hubs and budding companies in Nigeria to demonstrate their prowess and escalate their growth trajectory.

The Core of NCC Grant Effort

What’s the strategy behind NCC’s move?

Simple: they aspire to stimulate Nigeria’s economic fabric by channeling energy into three pivotal arenas:

Blockchain-Enabled Data Protection: Tailoring solutions for smoother regulatory alignment.
Assistive Technology: Crafting tools for the elderly and the differently-abled.
Renewable Energy for Rural Areas: Pioneering ways to expand renewable energy outreach in the hinterlands.

By channeling efforts into these domains, we can anticipate a surge in innovation, economic dynamics, and an uplifted society.

Making Dreams a Reality

Got a unique idea? The NCC encourages innovators to mold those abstract concepts into tangible solutions capable of revolutionizing industries and society.

And guess what? The most promising ideas in each sector stand a chance to bag a whopping N10 million grant!

Who’s Eligible for NCC Grant

Before diving into this ocean of opportunities, ensure you meet the prerequisites:

Business Authenticity: A genuine registration certificate from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is a must.
Originality Counts: Propose something fresh and original, complete with an intellectual property declaration.
Relevance is Key: Your proposal must align with the focus sectors, detailing the problem, solution, and a deployment strategy.
No Double Dipping: If you’ve received support from the Commission before, this isn’t for you.
Tick Tock, Watch the Clock: Ensure the prototype matures within six months post grant, alongside a commercial rollout plan.

How to Apply for NCC Grant

Ready to dive in? Here’s your application toolkit:

Online Only: All submissions should be online, matching the prescribed format.
Absolutely Free: Participation costs? Zero!
Your Idea Remains Yours: NCC ensures your intellectual property remains untampered.
In-Depth Submission: A concise four-page executive summary, a project highlight reel (3-5 mins), and full team bios are necessary.
Official Route: Proposals should be zipped and routed to the NCC Talent Hunt Research Hackathon 2023 portal. Adherence to the subject line and filename protocols is essential.
Clock’s Ticking: Remember, doors shut on September 22, 2023.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Ready your innovative arsenals and let’s reshape Nigeria’s economic landscape.

After all, why just be a participant when you can spearhead the change?

Become the trendsetter, the innovator with NCC’s 2023 Talent Hunt!

An exciting journey lies ahead.

A country brimming with potential awaits your transformative ideas. Will you be the one to shape Nigeria’s future? Grab your chance!

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What is the last date to apply for the NCC Grant 2023?

The deadline is September 22, 2023.

How many sectors are highlighted for this grant?

Three sectors: Blockchain, Assistive Technology, and Renewable Energy.

What’s the maximum grant amount an idea can receive?

The top solutions can secure a grant of N10 million each.

Can previous beneficiaries of the NCC grant apply again?

No, enterprises having received prior support are ineligible.

Where do I submit my application?

Through the NCC Talent Hunt Research Hackathon 2023 official portal.

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