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Homestead Employee is rated top by workers in the UK for finding care jobs locally.

Agincare, Goodcare Group Helping Hands Homecare, and NHS come next in the ranking.

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Who is the Caregiver?

Caregivers offer in-home support to the elderly and disabled, rather than working at hospitals.

They provide physical and emotional assistance unlike nurses, lacking medical training.

UK Employer Visa Sponsorship

The UK Visa Sponsorship for Employers allows UK companies to issue Sponsorship Certificates to foreign workers needing a work visa.

Non-native workers must verify their qualifications.

To legally employ foreign workers in the UK, companies must sponsor them.

They must obtain a sponsorship certificate to begin employment.

Working Requirements in the UK

Needing a visa for the UK depends on your country of origin; EU nationals don’t need a valid passport.

Non-US citizens must apply for a visa.

To get a National Insurance Number (NIN), you need to start paying national insurance in the UK.

This contributes to benefits like state pension and public education.

Opening a bank account is necessary to receive payments in British pounds.


Job Opportunities: Individuals can seek a caregiver visa to legally work in the UK. This is particularly beneficial for those interested in childcare roles.

Legal Standing: Obtaining a sponsored visa grants legal entry, benefiting both the employee and employer. Authorized work avoids legal issues.

Healthcare Access: Legally employed individuals in the UK usually have access to the National Health Service (NHS), offering health coverage. Health benefits are crucial, especially for caregivers.

Community Engagement: Sponsored visa holders can engage in social and community events, enhancing integration and belonging.

Professional Growth: The UK values skilled and committed caregivers, offering career development and opportunities for skill improvement, possibly leading to long-term roles or residency.

Economic Security: Legal work guarantees fair wages, compliance with labor laws, and social security benefits, supporting caregivers’ financial well-being.

Additional Benefits

Cultural Immersion: Working abroad allows caregivers to immerse in a new culture and learn diverse customs, potentially forming lasting bonds with people from various backgrounds.

Employer Assurance: Employing caregivers through a visa sponsorship ensures companies hire reliable, legal workers meeting care needs without legal issues.

Economic Impact:  Visa-sponsored caregivers contribute to the local economy through their employment and spending, fostering community growth and prosperity.

Family Unity: The visa terms may allow some caregivers to bring their families along, providing emotional support and maintaining family cohesion.

Websites for Carer Jobs

Fast hair

Clients worldwide, from countries like China, the US, India, Nigeria, and more, can access career services. The website offers international job listings and caregiver positions in the United States that come with visa sponsorship.

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Offers positions for caregivers, while also actively filling various career opportunities.

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Right at Home

This company is among the most trusted in the UK; visit their website for more information. Countless individuals depend on their services daily to preserve their dignity while staying comfortably in their own homes.

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Trinity HomeCare

Our homecare service offers personalized live-in and daily care to assist clients in preserving their independence at home.

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Homestead Employee is the top destination for finding quality nanny positions in the UK, offering roles for caregivers at esteemed organizations such as Agincare, Goodcare Group, NHS, and Helping Hands Homecare.

Discover how to work as a caregiver, apply for a UK visa through your company, and identify reputable firms that align with your career aspirations. Gain the necessary knowledge and resources to secure your future as a caregiver in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does someone become a sponsored carer in the UK?

First, get a job offer from a UK company allowed to do this before you ask for a Health and Care Worker visa. These companies, called sponsors, help pay for you to come or stay in the UK. You need to work for the NHS.

Is there an age limit for caregivers in the UK?

The Good Care Group lets people of any age be caregivers. If you’re healthy and can do the job well, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Visit to find the latest on jobs with visa sponsorship, ways to stay in the UK permanently, work permits, and how to apply for visas.

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