5 Tips to Reduce Consumptive Online Shopping Habits

Tips to Reduce Consumptive Online Shopping Habits – With the ease of technology, online shopping is increasingly popular because it has proven to help make daily transactions more concise.

Now, people can do a lot of things just through their smartphones. Starting from buying food, daily needs, to transportation.

However, unfortunately behind the convenience offered, one of them is to cause consumptive behavior in you which can harm yourself, both consciously and unconsciously.

Then, what is the solution?

Let’s look at some of the following tips to reduce your consumptive habits when shopping online!

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5 Tips to Reduce Consumptive Habits when Shopping Online

Limit Online Shopping Site Visits

Visiting various social media sites and online shopping sites is the most fun because it can relieve boredom in between your busy schedule. However, who would have thought that this would actually increase your desire to shop?

The worst effect is that you will buy a lot of unnecessary items that you consider “cute” and “interesting”. Even though you don’t need them at all.

Therefore, start limiting your visits to online shopping sites. Replace them with other distractions that are more relaxing, such as having coffee, reading a book, and so on.

Set Priorities Between Needs and wants

The difference between needs and wants is very different. When you want something, subconsciously, you will also think that you need it.

Let’s set your priorities from now on to reduce your consumptive habits when shopping online.

Be Careful With “Special Discount” Offers

Blackriday sales is a competition to attract customers, one of the ways is by offering massive discounts.

The existence of this “special discount” can be a trap for those of you who are easily influenced.

Unconsciously, it will lead you to consumptive behavior. Because, you think that with the discount, you can save more money.

However, what happens if all the products you buy online because of the “special discount” are not the products you need? Wouldn’t that be a waste of money?

So, be careful with this kind of offer.

Unsubscribe from Newsletter

Subscribing to newsletters from online shopping sites can actually increase your consumptive attitude.

When a newsletter notification comes to your phone, you might unconsciously be tempted to read the promo notification further.

If you have a lot of money, chances are you will be tempted to buy it without a second thought.

Try to deactivate your newsletter by unsuscribing the email or visiting the website directly.

Delete Online Shopping Apps on Mobile

The last tip that you can apply to reduce your consumptive habits when shopping online, namely by deleting online shopping applications on your cellphone.

This tip is related to the first tip, but of course you have to do this tip if you still can’t limit your visit to the online shopping site.

Actually, no one forbids you to be consumptive. However, it would be better if you reduce this bad habit.

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