Tinubu Suspends Social Investment Programs N-Power, school feeding, others

Tinubu Halts Social Investment Programs: What You Need to Know

President Bola Tinubu has put the brakes on several key social investment programs in Nigeria, sparking concern and questions among beneficiaries and the public. Here’s a breakdown of the situation in plain English, with additional information to help you understand what’s happening and what it means for you.

Which Programs are Suspended?

The suspension applies to all four programs administered by the National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA):

  • N-Power Programme: Offers training and stipends to young Nigerians in various skills.
  • Conditional Cash Transfer Programme: Provides financial assistance to vulnerable households.
  • Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme: Supports micro-businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Home Grown School Feeding Programme: Provides meals to schoolchildren in public primary schools.

Why were the Programs Suspended?

President Tinubu’s decision comes in the wake of multiple investigations into alleged mismanagement and financial irregularities within NSIPA and the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, which oversees the agency. Concerns include:

  • Alleged Malfeasance: Investigations are ongoing into the handling of large sums of money within the ministry, raising suspicions of corruption and misuse of funds.
  • Operational Lapses: The President reportedly identified issues with how the programs are being run, including payment delays and inconsistencies in beneficiary selection.
  • Improprieties: Concerns have been raised about unfair practices and favoritism in program operations.

What Happens Now?

  • Six-Week Suspension: All NSIPA activities, including payments, distributions, events, and registrations, are on hold for a period of six weeks, initially.
  • Ministerial Panel Review: President Tinubu has formed a committee of ministers to conduct a thorough review of NSIPA’s operations and recommend necessary reforms.
  • Ongoing Investigations: Investigations into alleged financial wrongdoing within the ministry and NSIPA are still ongoing, with potential further developments expected.

What Does This Mean for Beneficiaries?

  • Payments on Hold: Beneficiaries of all four programs will not receive their regular stipends or payments during the suspension period.
  • Uncertainty About Resumption: It’s unclear when exactly the programs will resume and whether recipients will receive missed payments retroactively.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on official government channels and credible news sources for updates on the investigation and the programs’ status.

Additional Information:

  • Previous Suspensions: The CEO of NSIPA was previously suspended in connection with the ongoing investigation. The former Minister of Humanitarian Affairs was also suspended and faced questioning by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.
  • Importance of the Programs: The suspended programs provide crucial support to millions of Nigerians, particularly the vulnerable and those seeking to improve their livelihoods. The suspension raises concerns about the potential impact on beneficiaries and the wider economy.
  • Demand for Transparency: There is a strong public demand for transparency and accountability regarding the alleged misuse of funds and any lapses in program management.


The suspension of these vital social investment programs raises serious concerns about mismanagement and needs to be addressed swiftly and transparently. While beneficiaries face uncertainty, it’s important to stay informed and hope for a prompt resolution that prioritizes their needs and ensures these programs are delivered effectively and ethically.

I hope this information is helpful and sheds light on the current situation surrounding the suspension of Nigeria’s social investment programs. Remember, staying informed and engaging in relevant discussions can help ensure positive outcomes for both beneficiaries and the program as a whole.

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