Unlocking Opportunities: A Deep Dive into the Slovak Republic National Scholarship Program 2024-2025

Dive deep into the Slovak Republic National Scholarship 2024-2025.

Explore opportunities, benefits, and the roadmap to a brighter future

Have you ever envisioned yourself studying in the scenic landscapes of Slovakia? Well, if you have, there’s some thrilling news for you!

The Government of the Slovak Republic has rolled out the National Scholarship Program for 2024-2025.

Aimed at international students, this fully funded scholarship beckons those seeking advanced studies at the master’s and PhD levels.

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Fancy a monthly support of up to 734 €?

This scholarship has got you covered!

The Inception

Rewind to 2005. The Slovak Government saw a dream.

A dream to propel the mobility of students, researchers, artists, and more.

The National Scholarship Programme (NSP) emerged from this vision, providing a platform for talented minds to converge in Slovakia.

Who’s Behind the Curtain?

The Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic proudly funds the NSP.

This initiative enhances mobility, allowing scholarship holders to immerse themselves in the educational richness of Slovakia’s esteemed institutions and research organizations.

Getting to Know the Slovak Government

Think of the Slovak Republic Government as the chief orchestrator.

The Prime Minister, with his deputies and a band of ministers, work in harmony, appointed by none other than the President.

They operate under the watchful eyes of the SR National Council, ensuring the nation’s rhythm never falters.

What’s in It for Me?

Ever imagined a life without financial hiccups while studying? The scholarship addresses exactly that! It extends beyond tuition, taking care of your food, accommodation, and other living expenses in Slovakia.

And for the lone wolves out there, there’s complete flexibility in managing these aspects!

Diving into the Numbers

  • University students at the second level: 400 €/month
  • PhD students: A whopping 734 €/month

Am I Eligible?

Here’s a snapshot for aspirants:

  • You’re a university student outside Slovakia.
  • You’re a master’s student or have completed 2.5 years of a study program.
  • You’ll undertake a study stay in Slovakia.

However, there are those the NSP doesn’t cater to, such as full-time students already in Slovakia or those benefiting from other Slovakian public scholarships.

The Application Roadmap

Preparing Your Arsenal

Applying is no Herculean task. Have these in tow:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • A robust study program
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Confirmation from your home university
  • Scanned diplomas and certificates
  • An invitation from a Slovak university

Charting the Course

  1. Embark: Navigate to www.scholarships.sk and dive into the online application.
  2. Compile: Fill in details, upload documents, and remember, English and Slovak rule here!
  3. Dispatch: Once your quiver is full, release your application arrow by hitting “SEND”.
  4. Seal the Deal: Dash a hard copy of the admission letter to SAIA, Bratislava.

The Slovak Republic National Scholarship Program is a golden ticket for many international students.

With comprehensive benefits, it offers a path to experience world-class education while soaking in the rich culture and heritage of Slovakia.

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Is the scholarship available for bachelor’s students?

No, it’s primarily for master’s and PhD students.

How long before the deadline does the online application system open?

It opens at least 6 weeks prior.

In which languages should the application documents be?

Either Slovak or English. Any other language requires official translation.

Is the scholarship applicable for students already studying in Slovakia?

Not if they’re pursuing full higher education.

Where do I send the original admission/invitation letter?

To SAIA, n. o., in Bratislava.

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