NPower & NASIMS News on 12th August 2023

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What’s Inside This News Today:

  • Fixing Problems on NPower Portal
  • Updates on NPower Payments
  • Steps to Log into NASIMS SSP Portal

1. Fixing Problems on NPower Portal

Good news! The issues that many users were having with the NPower SSP Portal are being sorted out. Just yesterday, some people who had problems logging into their

NPower accounts on the new NASIMS site said that everything’s working now.

If you still can’t get in, try using this NASIMS SSP Portal Login or check out the Npower NASIMS Website 2023.

2. Updates on NPower Payments

Do you remember the NPower payments from October, November, and December 2022 that were pending? NPower is now sending those payments to the people in Batch C. They’re making sure that the money goes to the right people in a clear and open way. But keep in mind: the money for 2023 hasn’t been sent out yet. Everyone’s asked to wait a bit longer while they get everything ready for the next round of payments.

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3. Steps to Log into NASIMS SSP Portal

Want to get on the site? It’s easy, even from a phone or other gadget. After the site comes up:

  • Go to or
  • A list will pop up. Look for “Npower” and click on the circle next to it. Hit “continue” afterward.
  • You’ll get to a login page. Type in your email and password, and you’re in!
  • This new site version gives clearer information about how the NSIP program works.

Common Questions People Ask:

Q:Is the NPower SSP Portal working better now?
Yes, it’s getting fixed, and people say it’s better.

Q: Which payments are being sent now?
Payments for October, November, and December 2022 are being sent to Batch C people.

Q: When will the 2023 payments start?
Payments for 2023 haven’t started. Please wait while things get set up.

Q: How can I get into the NASIMS SSP Portal?
Go to and use your ID and password. Follow the steps above to get in smoothly.

Q: I got a message to validate my NPower account. Is it real?
Yes, if you get a message like that, it’s real. Do what the message says to finish joining NPower.

Q: How can I join as an artisan?
Open your web browser, go to the sign-up site, and do what the instructions say.

Q: Who can help me if I have a problem?
If something’s not right, ask for help. There are helpers ready to guide you with the new Self Service Portal and other things.

Stay in the loop and be patient to have the best experience with NPower news and services!

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