TECNA and CTN Rank Canada’s Top Cities for Nigerians in Tech

Discover the top attractive tech cities in Canada for Nigerians and global tech talents.

Explore the thriving tech ecosystems of Mississauga, Montreal, and Waterloo.

The Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) and Canada’s Tech Network (CTN) have recently released a report that highlights the most appealing cities in Canada for global tech talents, particularly from Nigeria.

The Report Highlights

The report, which was also referenced by Nairametrics, lists three cities, two in Ontario and one in Quebec, as the most attractive tech hubs for newcomers.

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Top of the list is Mississauga in Ontario, followed by Montreal in Quebec, and then Waterloo, also in Ontario.

What Makes These Cities Appealing?

Mississauga is a flourishing city with nearly 1,000 companies operating in the information technology (IT) sector alone.

IPart of North America’s 2nd largest ICT cluster, housing 300,000+ tech pros.

Renowned IT giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, HP, and Cognizant have established their operational hubs in Mississauga. Local govt backs tech innovation via programs like MITAP.

Thriving firms like SOTI, Guidewire Software, HCL Technologies, Infosys are present.

With a projected population growth of nearly one million residents by 2051, a 33% increase since 2016, Mississauga is poised to attract even more tech immigrants.


Montreal is another pivotal city in Canada’s tech landscape, having witnessed approximately 31% growth from 2015 to 2020.

2nd largest tech market, pivotal for AI/IT, luring Google, Microsoft, Meta, Samsung, Intel. 200+ game studios incl. Ubisoft, EA, WB Games.

Thriving firms: CGI, Hopper, Element AI, Imagia, Nuvei. Hosts events like Startupfest, MTL Connect, 18k tech students.

Waterloo houses 1.5k+ tech firms: BlackBerry, D2L, a top 20 startup ecosystem. Universities fuel talent.

High living quality, ICT startup rate x2 global avg. VC investments strengthen rep. as tech hub.
Canada pushes tech talent strategy, incl. Innovation Stream in IMP.

Showcasing Canada as a desirable destination for digital nomads.

Facilitating labor mobility across North America by introducing an efficient work permit process for H-1B specialty occupation visa holders in the US.

Enhancing existing programs for high-skill tech professionals.

Learn more about Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy to attract global talent here.

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What are the top tech cities in Canada for Nigerians?

Mississauga, Montreal, and Waterloo are some of the top tech cities in Canada for Nigerians and global tech talents.

Why is Mississauga appealing for tech?

Home to 1k IT firms, global giants, and supportive gov’t initiatives, it’s a tech hub.

Is Montreal’s tech ecosystem strong?

Yes, a key AI/IT hub with 200+ game studios and successful tech firms.

Is Waterloo good for startups?

Yes, a top 20 ecosystem with high ICT startup survival.

What’s Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy?

Gov’t initiative for global tech talent leadership.

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