Unveiling Ayoba’s SME Accelerator Programme in Nigeria: A Dawn of Digital Transformation

Discover how Ayoba’s SME Accelerator Programme in Nigeria is spearheading digital transformation and propelling SMEs to new heights.

The African communication giant, Ayoba, recently launched its SME Accelerator Programme in Nigeria, marking an exciting milestone in the pursuit of fostering innovative SMEs.

The programme is an open call for SMEs that have the potential to revolutionize the market with their groundbreaking business concepts.

But what exactly does this mean for the Nigerian SME ecosystem?

About Ayoba

Founded with a robust commitment to support the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across Africa, Ayoba is not just a communication platform, it’s an enabler of success for the ambitious African entrepreneur.

Ayoba’s SME Accelerator Programme

This programme isn’t merely a platform; it is a launchpad that elevates SMEs from obscurity to limelight.

Designed to nurture and transform innovative ideas into viable businesses, the Ayoba SME Accelerator Programme equips SMEs with the tools and funding they need to take their business to the next level.

The programme is open to all SMEs in Nigeria that are keen to address challenges and seize growth opportunities.

If your business concept is scalable and has the potential to make a significant impact, then Ayoba is looking for you.

The Three-Month Mentorship

Once selected for the programme, the chosen SMEs will undergo an intensive three-month mentorship to develop and commercialize their ideas.

Imagine this as a golden ticket to refine your business concept with guidance from industry experts.

Ayoba App

The Ayoba app, a central part of this initiative, was meticulously crafted with African businesses in mind.

It serves as a platform where SMEs can launch their products and solutions, effectively bridging the gap between their business and their target audience.

Sheila Yabo’s Insight

Sheila Yabo, the dynamic Head of Ecosystem Development at Ayoba, emphasized that the app is all about promoting African content and offering support to local businesses.

Yabo iterated that the company is eager to collaborate with key industry players to drive this initiative further.

Partnerships and Collaborations

During the programme launch, Mr. Adetola Sojirin, Head of SME Banking at Fidelity Bank, commended the initiative for aligning with their vision of supporting SME growth in Nigeria.

Fidelity Bank is ready to back SMEs with bespoke packages that suit their unique business requirements.

Advancing the Initiative

The launch also witnessed the announcement of the collaboration between Adanian Labs, a pan-African business developer, and Ayoba.

This strategic alliance will further enhance the initiative’s effectiveness, as both entities bring their distinct expertise to the table.

Killian Mayua’s Statement

Killian Mayua, Country Head of Adanian Labs Nigeria, underscored the significance of African businesses partaking in the fourth industrial revolution.

The Ayoba SME Accelerator Programme presents a unique opportunity for Nigerian and African businesses to digitally evolve and connect with a wider customer base.

In conclusion, the Ayoba SME Accelerator Programme is set to transform the SME landscape in Nigeria.

By providing businesses with the tools, mentorship, and funding they need to succeed, Ayoba is shaping a new era of digital transformation in the African business world.

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What is the Ayoba SME Accelerator Programme?

The Ayoba SME Accelerator Programme is a mentorship initiative designed to foster innovative and impactful SMEs in Nigeria.

Who can apply for the programme?

Any SME in Nigeria with a scalable business idea that can address challenges and generate growth opportunities is welcome to apply.

What does the three-month mentorship entail?

The mentorship involves intensive guidance to develop and commercialize the selected SMEs’ business ideas.

What is the Ayoba app?

The Ayoba app is a platform developed specifically for African businesses to facilitate their growth and expansion.

Who are the collaborators on this initiative?

Ayoba has partnered with Fidelity Bank and Adanian Labs to advance the initiative.

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