CBN TIES Loan for Financial Independence 2023

Explore the comprehensive guide on CBN TIES Loan grant and loan application portal 2023.

Seize the opportunity to secure a brighter future.

CBN TIES: An Initiative to Bolster Nigeria’s Economy

Do you recall hearing about the phenomenal ₦500 million grant from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for ambitious undergraduates and graduates?

Let’s dive into the details. The CBN TIES grant, a proactive effort by the Nigerian Central Bank, intends to deliver a ₦500 million fund to aspiring entrepreneurs from universities and polytechnics across the nation.

This initiative emerges as a strategic response to the escalating unemployment rate in Nigeria.

Purpose of the CBN TIES Grant

The CBN, in collaboration with various Nigerian universities and polytechnics, designed the Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES).

This innovative program aims to tap into the entrepreneurial potential of Nigerian graduates, contributing to alleviating the unemployment burden on Nigerian youths.

Interested? Let’s discover how you can partake in this grant.

Your Gateway to the CBN TIES Grant: Application Portal 2023

Designed to empower undergraduates and graduates alike, the CBN TIES loan application portal offers a direct access to a ₦500 million grant. This funding can be your stepping stone to launching the business of your dreams.

Navigating the CBN TIES Loan Application Portal

As of now, the online application portal for the CBN ₦500 million grant is not actively accepting applications. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated as soon as the Central Bank of Nigeria opens the official portal for grant applications.

CBN TIES Grant Eligibility: Is It for You?

The Central Bank of Nigeria has set specific eligibility criteria for the grant.

Remember, these prerequisites ensure a fair and transparent process, with only the eligible candidates considered for the grant.

  • H4: Nationality: It’s crucial that you are a Nigerian citizen.
  • H4: Education: You should hold a recognized university or polytechnic diploma.
  • H4: Certification: A first-degree certificate, a higher national diploma, or its equivalent, is obligatory.
  • H4: National Service: It is mandatory that you have completed the National Youth Services Corps.
  • H4: Experience: There should be no more than 7 years of post-NYSC service.
  • H4: Entrepreneurial Training: A certificate of participation provided by a university or polytechnic is necessary, serving as proof of your entrepreneurial training.

Undergraduates from recognized institutions can also partake in this significant economic incentive.

The Pathway to the CBN TIES ₦500 Million Grant: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to leap into the entrepreneurial landscape? Here’s how to apply for the CBN TIES Loan 2023.

  1. Visit
  2. Familiarize yourself with the loan details.
  3. Click on the “apply now” button.
  4. Fill in the online application.
  5. Attach the required documents.
  6. Submit your application.

Remember to revisit this page frequently to stay updated with the latest information about the Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES).

The CBN TIES grant, a pioneering initiative from the Central Bank of Nigeria in collaboration with Nigerian universities and polytechnics, provides a much-needed lifeline for Nigeria’s burgeoning entrepreneurial talent.

With the ₦500 million grant, the scheme offers a beacon of hope and a path towards financial independence for many Nigerian youths. Will you seize this opportunity?

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What is the purpose of the CBN TIES grant?

The grant aims to combat Nigeria’s rising unemployment rate by funding entrepreneurial projects of graduates and undergraduates.

Who is eligible for the CBN TIES grant?

Nigerian citizens who hold a university or polytechnic degree, and have completed the National Youth Services Corps, are eligible. They should have no more than 7 years of post-NYSC service and possess proof of entrepreneurial training.

How can I apply for the CBN TIES grant?

You can apply by visiting, reading the loan details, clicking on “apply now”, filling in the online application, attaching necessary documents, and submitting your application.

What is the amount of the grant provided by CBN TIES?

The Central Bank of Nigeria provides a grant of ₦500 million to eligible candidates.

When will the application portal open for the CBN TIES grant?

The exact date is yet to be announced. Stay tuned for updates

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