7 Side Businesses During Fasting in Ramadan, Can Increase Your Income!

What are the side business opportunities while fasting? Who knows there is something you can try.

During the month of Ramadan, many people use it to open new businesses. Both as the main business and side.

On average, these are small or home-based businesses that sell various fasting and Eid needs.

Even though it looks tempting, there are some challenges that you need to consider, you know.

Fasting business means this business lasts only 30 days. In such a short time, you should make a profit.

This challenge is compounded considering that most side businesses in the fasting month are homogeneous or not diverse.

What are the products? Check out the following explanation!

Side Business During Fasting

There are several business products that can sell well during fasting. In fact, this product can also remain popular outside of that period.

Come on, write down the following list, who knows, it can inspire your business in the month of Ramadan!

1. Reseller or dropshipper

As a dropshipper, you don’t need to have your own product.

Dropshipper is an intermediaries between buyers and suppliers. That is, selling the goods belonging to the supplier to the buyer.

This dropship system is actually available on several e-commerce, you only need to open your own shop and register as a dropship.

Apart from being easy and profitable, this dropshipper business is also trend-free and requires no capital at all, except for capital to bail out buyer orders.

2. Translator

The idea for a side business during the next fast is to become a translator. If you are good at foreign languages, you can offer services as a translator.

Usually, translator services are needed to translate foreign journals, or Nigerian language documents into foreign languages ​​and vice versa.

You can set a rate per page for this translation service. Apart from being able to work from home, there are not many translator services so the competition is still low.

Usually, during university graduation season, translation services will be in high demand.

3. Entrusted Services

The first side business idea during fasting is entrusted services. This business idea never seems to be empty of enthusiasts, especially during this fast.

Many people are reluctant to go outside the house so it opens up good opportunities for entrusted businesses.

Running an entrusted business can be done very easily. For example, you can offer your neighbors to leave groceries or food for breaking the fast.

You can ask for the grocery list and the money. You can determine how much service fees you expect.

You can also offer your services on social media and ask for full payment or an advance payment.

What items can be deposited? Actually, it can be all products, depending on your ability to negotiate and find the items requested.

4. Franchise Business

This side business can really be your main business after fasting. Do you know what a franchise is?

According to Investopedia, a franchise is a business that is run by selling products or services under the business name or brand of another company.

So, you will be registered as an official seller of a company’s products.

There are several examples of franchise businesses that are busy being hunted by many people.

Beverage franchises are always in demand by many people, especially during the fasting month. The price of the business package is also quite affordable.

5. Non Alcoholic Perfume Business

Another side business idea during fasting is selling non-alcoholic perfume. Non-alcoholic perfumes are always in demand, especially the majority of Nigerian’s population is Muslim and Christians.

Usually, this product is used when praying or in certain events.

You can get non-alcoholic perfume by buying it at a supplier, or buying it online.

These perfume products are usually sold at varying prices, between N1500 to N10000 for ordinary scents. More expensive if the aroma is rare.

6. Eid parcels

This side business during fasting is in great demand, especially before Eid.

In fact, many Eid parcels are also given by companies to their employees. The contents are common items that are easy to obtain.

Because this parcel is only available during Ramadan, this product is also special. This Eid gift can be packaged in a box or tote bag.

The contents of the parcels themselves vary, ranging from pastries, various wafers, sugar, coffee, and candy, to basic necessities.

You can offer several parcel options with competitive price variations. Also provide special offers, such as free Eid greeting cards.

7. Selling Ketupat

During fasting, sellers of ketupat will always appear, which is a mandatory food for every Eid. However, this ketupat seller usually only sells it in its raw form.

That means, you still need to cook your own ketupat.

This is quite troublesome because cooking ketupat takes a long time. Seeing this opportunity, you can sell ripe ketupat to your neighbors.

Usually, ketupat is served in the first 15 days of the fasting month and during Eid. Sellers of raw ketupat are also very rare, so this side business will be very much needed.

In fact, it’s not impossible that after Eid you can continue this business by selling vegetable rhombus along with various fried foods.

Tips for Opening a Business in the Fasting Month

After knowing some of the side businesses during fasting, you also need to know some of the tips, namely:

Capital efficiency, because business in the fasting month usually only happens in a month. After Lebaran, the business trend may decline. So, do not let yourself spend a lot of capital for purposes that are not important.

Product differentiation, during fasting there are many homogeneous efforts. Try to differentiate your product from the general product. For example, you can sell pineapple filled with honey.

Selling to the closest target market, you need to start this business by building customer trust. You need to have loyal customers, of course, so that your business continues to sell well.

Consider selling time, Because, not all businesses are busy all day long. There are businesses that are sold before breaking the fast, there are also businesses that are sold two weeks before Eid.

So, those are some side business opportunities during fasting that you can work on. Interested in trying it?

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