11 Profitable Service Business Ideas in Digital Marketing

Building a business is the dream of many people and the first thing that often comes to mind is looking for a service business idea or a product business idea.

Yes, based on the type of business is divided into two, the first is a product business which is a business activity by selling various types of products such as daily necessities to electronic needs.

The second is a service business which is a business that offers services in various sectors such as the repair of damaged goods, or services that produce something such as website design services and so on.

One of the advantages of developing a service business idea is that sometimes you can start it without capital.

The following are service business ideas that you can choose:

1. Article writing service business ideas

The first service business idea is an article writing business.

As said earlier that you can start a service business without capital , and being an article writer is one example.

To be able to become a freelance article writer, the main thing you must have is the skill or ability to write good articles.

If you are confident enough in your writing skills, then you can try this service business.

2. Graphic Design Services

Technological developments make the online industry advance rapidly.

This is very influential on people’s daily habits, one of which is in shopping.

In recent years, Nigerian people’s shopping habits have slowly changed.

Nearly 70% of Nigerian feel comfortable shopping online.

The increasing number of online stores causes graphic design services to be increasingly sought after, this is of course to support promotional strategies through attractive visual appearances.

The idea of ​​a graphic design service business is an idea that is very suitable for those of you who have qualified skills in operating adobe illustrator or adobe photoshop, because usually graphic designers at least use the software in working on a project.

3. Photography services

Still related to the need for online promotion, nowadays photography services are needed to produce interesting photos.

Not only for private photo sessions, but also product photos.

The main capital to realize this service business idea is to have equipment such as cameras.

However, you don’t need to worry too much if you don’t have a camera because currently there are lots of camera rental services that you can use.

What you have to remember is to make sure the price you give the client is able to cover the rental costs and also bring you a profit.

4. Social media content services

Lately, social media has taken an important part in people’s lives around the world.

Therefore, it is not surprising that currently many businesses or businesses are using social media as their marketing tool.

To be able to attract the attention of social media users, every business must be able to present interesting and interactive content on their social media accounts.

Well, this is where the opportunity for a social media content service business idea comes from.

Social media content service business is perfect for those of you who always have creative ideas and are always updated with trends on the internet.

Are you one of them?

5. Business Idea Website creation services

Every online business must have at least 3 channels to be able to successfully market its products.

The 3 channels are e-commerce accounts. Social media accounts and websites.

Why is a website an important need for online entrepreneurs?

This is because consumers will feel more comfortable shopping through the website when they use their laptops or computers.

In addition, the existence of a website can also increase the credibility of a brand in the eyes of consumers.

Therefore, website creation services are the most needed business in the digital marketing era like now.

6. SEO Services

Maybe there are still few who understand that the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in online business is very important.

Simply put, SEO services are needed to increase the number of visitors on the website.

The more the number of visitors on the website, the higher the chance of the product or service offered by many buyers

7. SEM Services

Being on a par with SEO services, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services are also very important.

If you are still confused about the difference between the two, the most basic thing you can remember is that SEO is an optimization effort without using costs, while SEM costs money.

An example of implementing SEM is advertising on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

Although it sounds simple like just placing an ad, SEM can only be done by an expert in order to produce maximum results.

8. Videography Services

The next service business idea is videography services.

As we all know that there are at least 2 forms in presenting content, namely through a photo and video.

Presenting content in audio-visual format such as video will indeed take longer in the manufacturing process, but nevertheless content in the form of video will be more attractive in the eyes of consumers.

Therefore, if you have reliable videography skills, don’t hesitate to apply this service business idea, OK!

9. Influencer Services

Do you have a large number of followers on your social media?

If so, you have a great opportunity to turn an influencer service business idea into a promising business for you.

Influencer services are services for promoting a product on social media accounts so that the followers of an influencer can find out the existence of the product being promoted and are also interested in buying it.

Being an influencer is very promising because product owners sometimes dare to pay very high wages for just one post on social media.

10. Mobile Application Development Services

The next service business idea is a mobile application creation service.

Mobile applications are needed to make it easier for consumers when they want to buy a product.

Currently, mobile phones are no longer just a technology that is able to connect telephones between one person and another.

Through a smartphone, you can shop for all the needs you want.

That’s why mobile application development services are so promising these days.

Even so, making a mobile application is not easy but in return for the difficulty, the service business who does the work will get very high wages.

11. Business Idea for e-commerce admin services

Becoming an e-commerce admin is a pretty promising service business idea.

As it is known that Nigerian has various types of e-commerce and usually online businesses will create an account in each of these e-commerce.

Sometimes, managing just one selling account on e-commerce is very complicated, because you have to manage orders to delivery.

Therefore, usually business people will hire admin services to operate several e-commerce accounts.

Hiring freelance admin services like this is considered more efficient than hiring permanent employees, especially for online businesses that are not that big.

Those are 11 service business ideas in the digital marketing industry that you can choose from.

One thing to remember is that the digital industry is developing so rapidly, so realizing a service business in this industry will be very promising.

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