Shakira Choonara Young African Scholarship: An Opportunity for Rising Stars

Unlock Opportunities with the Shakira Choonara Young African Scholarship 2023.

Invest in African excellence! This scholarship empowers final year students in Africa (ages 21-35) with financial need, fostering academic brilliance (70% or more), and a passion for development.

Have you ever envisioned a brighter future for Africa?

One where young talents flourish and the continent thrives with unmatched excellence?

Enter the Shakira Choonara Young African Scholarship. A beacon of hope and opportunity.

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Pilot and Its Impact

In 2022, we witnessed the birth of the Shakira Choonara Young African Scholarship Award.

This isn’t just a scholarship; it’s a commitment. An investment in young minds, the heartbeat of Africa.

Our inaugural star, Ms. Goitsemodimo Ditsele, illuminated our vision by graduating with a Master of Arts in Development Studies from the renowned University of Botswana.

The Scholarship’s Vision

Year after year, our aim is to light up the academic dreams of a deserving student in their final year of study, be it undergraduate, Honors, Masters, or even PhD.

We’re not merely looking for students; we’re looking for beacons of excellence, those holding a solid academic track record with scores soaring 70% or higher.

Fields of Study

Wondering about the fields? Our compass points towards the broader development field.

If you’re into health sciences or deeply passionate about gender studies, you’re in luck! These are fields we fervently support.

Who is Shakira Choonara?

Ever heard the name Dr. Shakira Choonara echoing with acclaim? She’s not just a multi-award-winning public health practitioner.

She’s a force. Named the 2017 Woman of the Year in Health in South Africa, and flaunting titles like “Most Powerful Woman under 40”, her accolades seem endless.

Her roles span from a Technical Specialist at the World Health Organization to the Thematic Lead at UN Women HQ.

With her heart rooted in universal health coverage, gender equality, and youth development, Dr. Choonara is the epitome of African pride.

Benefits of the 2023 Scholarship

Imagine having your final year tuition fees fully covered.

Feel that relief? That’s what the Shakira Choonara 2023 Young African Scholarship offers.

Who Can Apply?

Eyes here, young minds between 21-35 years! If you’re an African, from any of our 54 majestic states, and in your final academic year at an African university, this could be your spotlight.

And if you’ve been showcasing academic prowess with scores of 70% or more, step forward.

We have a soft corner for young women and marginalized youth. Ready to apply?

How to Make Your Move

Online is the way! But remember, half-baked applications won’t make the cut.

And given the overwhelming response, we’ll only reach out to our shortlisted stars.

So, young African scholars, are you ready to carve your legacy? To be part of an initiative that stands for excellence, empowerment, and evolution?

The Shakira Choonara Young African Scholarship is more than financial support; it’s a ticket to a brighter African future.

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Who is eligible for the Shakira Choonara Young African Scholarship?

African youth between the ages of 21-35, in their final year of studies at an African university, with proven academic excellence.

Which fields of study are prioritized for this scholarship?

The broader development field, especially health sciences and gender studies.

How can one apply for the scholarship?

Applications are accepted only online. Ensure they are complete for consideration.

Are there any specific groups encouraged to apply?

Yes, young women and youth from marginalized populations are strongly encouraged.

When will the shortlisted candidates be announced?

Due to the high volume, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, but the timeline varies.

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