NPC’s Important Clarification on 2023 Census Adhoc Staff Update

Dive into the NPC’s official clarification on the fraudulent “2023 Census Adhoc Staff Update” Facebook page. Stay informed and avoid misinformation.

Have you ever stumbled upon misinformation on the internet? Of course, you have! It’s 2023, and the age of misinformation is as real as it gets.

We’re here to address a pressing concern related to a Facebook page claiming ties to Nigeria’s National Population Commission (NPC). Let’s dig deep, shall we?

The Fake Facebook Saga

It’s astounding how quickly false news can spread. A Facebook page named “2023 Census Adhoc Staff Update” is making waves for all the wrong reasons.

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Can you believe they’re pretending to be associated with NPC?

NPC’s Stance

The NPC didn’t hesitate to set the record straight. In their words, “DISCLAIMER: The Facebook page “2023 Census ADHOC Staff update” is fraudulent and in no way associated with the National Population Commission.” Clear as day, right?

No Date Set Yet!

Wait, there’s more! There are whispers about a fixed date for Nigeria’s Population and Housing Census. Let’s debunk that right away.

Official Announcement Pending

If the internet were a game of Chinese whispers, some players would be seriously off track.

The NPC clearly stated, “President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has not fixed a date for the conduct of the upcoming Population and Housing Census in Nigeria.”

So, what should we all do? Play it cool and wait for the official announcement!

How to Stay Updated

Worried about missing out on the real deal?

Fret not! The NPC assures that once a date is confirmed, it will light up national media, their social media channels, and website. No room for confusion, right?

A Word of Caution

Ever heard the saying, “Better safe than sorry?” That’s the motto we’re rolling with!

Avoid the Misleading Page

Simply put, keep a distance from the “2023 Census ADHOC Staff update” Facebook page.

It’s a trap laden with misinformation.

Why dive into an ocean of confusion when you can sail on crystal clear waters?

The Official Channels

Remember, the authentic and correct information is always best sourced directly.

The NPC’s official handles and website are your guiding star in this maze of mixed signals.

In an era where a click can either enlighten or deceive, it’s paramount to prioritize authenticity.

The NPC has shone a light on this fraudulent Facebook page.

Now, it’s our duty, as informed netizens, to spread the word and stay updated through genuine channels.

After all, why settle for the counterfeit when the original is at your fingertips?

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Is the “2023 Census Adhoc Staff Update” Facebook page genuine?

No, it’s a fraudulent page not affiliated with the NPC.

Has President Bola Ahmed Tinubu fixed a date for the 2023 Census?

No, no date has been set yet.

Where can I get authentic updates about the 2023 Census?

Always rely on NPC’s official social media handles and website.

What should I do if I come across misleading information?

Avoid sharing or believing it. Cross-check with official channels.

How will the official date for the Census be announced?

The NPC will announce it on national media and their official platforms.

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