Real Estate Asset Manager job at ARM Pension Managers (PFA) Limited

Grab the opportunity to become an Accounting Officer at ARM Pension Managers, on Real Estate Asset Manager position one of Nigeria’s top finance companies. Step into a journey of growth and unique experiences.

ARM Pension Managers (PFA) Limited stands tall as a beacon in the financial realm.

As one of the primary seven Pension Fund Administrators licensed by the National Pension Commission in 2005, its prowess is unmatched.

Anchored by the prestigious ARM Group, its name resonates in Nigeria as a titan in Investment Management, Research, and Pension Fund Management.

So, what’s the buzz about? We are on the hunt for a maverick. Someone who can dive deep into the intricate world of real estate. Curious? Let’s explore further.

The Golden Opportunity: Real Estate Asset Manager

Location? The heartbeat of Nigeria – Lagos. This full-time role sits within our robust Investment Management Department.

What’s the Real Estate Asset Manager job Role?

Imagine being the puppeteer of a vast real estate portfolio. The Real Estate Asset Manager wears multiple hats:

  1. The Analyzer: Dive deep into the portfolio, understanding market nuances, property intricacies, and financial trajectories.
  2. The Planner: Ever played Jenga? Strategically planning budgets, projections, and financial models for each property is your game.
  3. The Diplomat: Oversee leases, renew them, nurture tenant relations, and ensure that our properties are always buzzing with life.
  4. The Collaborator: Working hand-in-hand with property managers, ensuring operations run as smooth as butter.
  5. The Researcher: Keeping a hawk-eye on market trends, competitor movements, and local real estate vibes.
  6. The Guardian: Identifying risks and being the shield, ensuring our portfolio remains resilient.
  7. The Visionary: Implementing tweaks, renovations, and strategies to amplify property values.
  8. The Negotiator: When it’s time to say goodbye, you plan and execute asset sales with finesse.
  9. The Reporter: Crafting detailed reports, offering the higher-ups a bird’s eye view of asset performance and market insights.
  10. The Enforcer: Ensuring each property stands tall, compliant with every regulation, code, and standard out there.

Eligibility for Real Estate Asset Manager job

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Estate Management, Finance, Business, or a related field is a must.
  • Experience? At least five golden years in real estate asset management.
  • A knack for financial analysis, understanding market rhythms, and a love for numbers.
  • A communicator par excellence and a negotiation whiz.
  • A team player, someone who thrives in collaborative environments.
  • Tech-savvy? A big plus! Knowledge of property management software and tools will set you apart.
  • Relevant real estate certifications? That’s the cherry on top!

Deadline Alert! Seal your application by 31st October 2023.

How to Apply for Real Estate Asset Manager job

For more information about How to Apply for Real Estate Asset Manager job Click here

Grabbing an opportunity at ARM Pension Managers is akin to boarding a spaceship to the stars.

It’s not just a job; it’s a journey, a challenge, and a golden chance to redefine the realms of real estate asset management. So, do you have what it takes to shine?

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What is ARM Pension Managers (PFA) Limited known for?

ARM Pension Managers (PFA) Limited is a prominent name in Investment Management, Research, and Pension Fund Management in Nigeria.

What primary responsibilities will the Real Estate Asset Manager shoulder?

From portfolio analysis, financial planning, lease management to risk management, they’ll oversee the entire real estate portfolio’s performance.

What educational background is sought for this role?

A Bachelor’s Degree in Estate Management, Finance, Business, or related fields is mandatory.

Is prior experience essential for this role?

Yes, at least five years of proven experience in real estate asset management is required.

How can interested candidates apply?

Candidates can click here to apply online.

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