Accounting Officer job at ARM Pension Managers (PFA) Limited

The Accounting Officer job ARM Pension Managers (PFA) Limited is pivotal at ARM Pension Managers (PFA) Ltd. Want to know the role’s specifics, requirements, and application details?

Nigeria’s financial sector is a vast and dynamic realm.

Within this expanse, certain institutions shine bright, and ARM Pension Managers (PFA) Limited is one of those beacons.

If you’re wondering why and how, let us take you on an enlightening journey.

Delving into ARM Pension Managers (PFA) Limited

A Brief Introduction

ARM Pension Managers (PFA) Limited proudly stands as one of the first seven Pension Fund Administrators (PFA) that earned its license from the National Pension Commission in December 2005.

But what really gives it its distinctive edge?

Being Part of the Elite

The institution is a vital branch of the Asset & Resource Management Company Limited (ARM) Group.

This group is nothing short of an icon in Nigeria’s financial landscape. Revered, trusted, and widely acclaimed, the ARM Group has etched its mark in Investment Management, Research, and, of course, Pension Fund Management.

But as they say, a company is only as good as its employees. And here’s where you come into play.

The Golden Opportunity Awaiting You in Lagos

Position Overview

  • Job Title: Accounting Officer
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Job type: Full-time
  • Department: Finance

The Essence of the Role

Imagine being the heartbeat of a company’s financial health, ensuring that every monetary beat is in sync.

That’s the life of an Accounting Officer at ARM Pension Managers. What does a typical day look like, you ask?


  • Posting journal entries? Check.
  • Updating financial statements? Double check.
  • Maintaining the inflow and outflow with accounts receivable and payable? Absolutely.
  • Preparing comprehensive financial reports? That’s your jam.

Qualifications & Experience Accounting Officer job

  • A degree that reflects your love for numbers, preferably in Accounting, Finance, or Economics.
  • 1-3 golden years spent in the financial trenches, specifically as a Finance Officer.
  • Perhaps you’re already waving an ACCA or ICAN certificate? Or maybe you’re on the path towards one? That’s music to our ears.

Seal the Deal Before it’s Late

The clock’s ticking! The window of opportunity closes on the 31st of October, 2023. Ready to make your mark?

How to Apply Accounting Officer job

see full detail on how to apply for Accounting Officer job at “

Venturing into the dynamic world of finance with ARM Pension Managers (PFA) Limited offers more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to be part of a legacy.

So, are you ready to pen your chapter in this success story?

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