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Technical Training Program for 3 Million Young Nigerians (NITDA 3MTT)

Qualified young Nigerians can apply for the Federal Government’s training program called NITDA 3MTT. It’s supported by the Ministry of Communications, Innovations & Digital Economy.

IMPORTANT: Keep an Eye Out for Updates on the Tech Program

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The 3MTT, launched by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), is an ambitious educational program targeting the digital empowerment of 3 million Nigerian youths. This initiative offers an extensive range of certifications, aiming to bridge the tech skill gap and foster digital literacy over the next five years.

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The program is aimed at addressing the shortage of skilled workers in the Nigerian tech industry and to create jobs for young Nigerians.

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NITDA’s 3MTT initiative offers extensive digital training in fields like programming, web development, data science, and digital marketing, open to all Nigerians.

Register on the program’s website to access a wide range of digital courses tailored for online learning at your own pace.

Upon completing a training course, participants will receive a certificate from NITDA. The certificates are recognized by employers in the Nigerian tech industry.

The NITDA 3MTT program provides an excellent, cost-free chance for young Nigerians to gain digital skills and secure a government-recognized certificate to kick-start their tech careers.

Here are some of the benefits of participating in the NITDA 3MTT program:

  • Get free digital skills training.
  • Earn a certificate from a known government group.
  • Begin a job in the tech world.
  • Meet other tech experts.If you are interested in participating in the NITDA 3MTT program, you can visit the program website to learn more and to create an account.


  • Sponsored by: Nigerian Government
  • Type: Talent Program
  • Where: Nigeria
  • Length: 3 Months
  • Openings: Multiple
  • Requirements: Not detailed
  • For: Nigerians
  • Official Website:

NITDA 3MTT Programme Details

The program, in partnership with NITDA, will select individuals for free training in 12 key computing skills including software development, design, data management, and cybersecurity.


For the NITDA 3MTT Program, you need to:

  • Be a young Nigerian who likes the digital world.
  • Be 100% ready to attend the whole training.
  • Have a basic computer or device for the lessons.
  • If you’re teaching, you should have the right certificates for that skill.”

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How to Join NITDA’s 3MTT Program in 5 Steps

The government has a program called the Three Million Technical Talent. It’s to help Nigeria get better with computers and the internet. They want Nigeria to be famous for this.

By 2025, the leader, Bola Tinubu, wants to have two million tech jobs for people.

At the start, NITDA will team up with different groups, like students, teachers, and companies that give jobs.

NITDA’s website says: “We’ll choose people who like tech and pay for their study. But the teachers must be with us.”

They will teach 12 computer skills, like making programs, drawing, working with data, cartoons, staying safe online, making games, storing data in the cloud, and others.

Students will learn things that help them get tech jobs here and in other countries. Companies that don’t have a teaching place can still teach 30,000 students across Nigeria.

The good news? It’s free for students and teachers. Companies can also join without a teaching place, but they need a place to teach sometimes


Want to apply? Make sure you have an email and other details. Then, do these 5 things:

  • Go to
  • Have your NIN, email, and phone ready.
  • Fill in the form.
  • Tell them if you have a job and what tech skills you know.
  • Pick a tech area you want to learn (like data science, animation, making games, and so on).
  • Send in the form and wait for an email back.

Steps to Apply

Step 1: Bio Data

  • Enter your name, date of birth, gender, and contact information.
  • Provide a brief bio that highlights your skills and experience, and explains why you are interested in the training program.

Step 2: Contact Information

  • Enter your email address and phone number.
  • Indicate your preferred method of contact.

Step 3: Background Skills & Employment Status

  • Select your current employment status from a drop-down menu.
  • Indicate your level of experience with different technical skills.
  • List any relevant education or certifications.

Step 4: Training Program Choices

  • Select the training program(s) you are interested in from a drop-down menu.
  • Provide a brief explanation of why you are interested in each program.

Step 5: Confirmation

  • Review your 3mtt application form.
  • Click the “Submit” button to submit your application.

3MTT: Federal Government’s Next Move as Over 1 Million Apply

Big News for Nigeria’s Tech Program

The Federal Government of Nigeria is getting ready to share the next steps for a big tech program called the 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT). The Minister in charge of all things digital, Dr. Bosun Tijani, said a lot of people want to join this program. In fact, more than 1 million people have signed up!

What’s Happening with 3MTT?

Dr. Tijani, who handles Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, told everyone that soon, they will tell the people who signed up what to do next. He put out this news online and said that those who signed up should check their emails because, in 12 hours, they will get new information.

A picture that Dr. Tijani shared shows that not only people but also many companies, about 18,644, want to be a part of 3MTT. Plus, over 1,400 groups want to work with the program too.

Money for the Program

Before, the Minister said a big company called IHS Telecom will give money to help the program. They said they will give N1 billion. This money will also pay for people who will manage the learning places for three years.

This is really good for the government’s plan because they want to teach 3 million Nigerians tech skills in the next four years.

How Will the Training Work?

The training has three parts:

  1. The first part will train 30,000 people.
  2. The second part will train 300,000 people.
  3. And the last part will train the rest, so all 3 million get trained.

What Will People Learn?

In the first part of the program, people will learn many different skills. They won’t just learn how to make new tech. They will learn skills that use tech to make work better. They will learn about:

  • Using the internet to sell things (Digital Marketing)
  • Managing projects with software
  • Working with Cloud services
  • Looking at data and making it easy to understand (Data Analysis and Visualization)
  • Making websites easy to find on Google (SEO)
  • Handling customer relationships with software (CRM Management)
  • Using software for accounting
  • Designing things like graphics and user experiences (Graphics Design and UX/UI Design)

These skills are very useful today. They help people do their jobs better with the help of technology.

Final Thoughts

The 3MTT is a big deal for Nigeria. It shows the government’s big plan to make sure Nigerians are really good with tech skills. Now, everyone is waiting to hear the next steps. With so many people ready to learn, Nigeria is on its way to being a big name in the world’s tech industry.

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