New Jobs Available at Mercadona in Spain on salary of €1,507 monthly – Apply Now!

Looking for job opportunities in Spain? Mercadona, a top supermarket chain in Zaragoza, is hiring! We have full-time job with a 5-day workweek, rotating shifts, and a monthly salary of €1,507.

Exciting Work Opportunities in Spain with Mercadona in Zaragoza

Are you looking for an exciting job opportunity in Spain? Mercadona, a highly regarded supermarket chain known for its exceptional customer service, is expanding its team in Zaragoza.

We have a variety of part-time and full-time positions to fill, and we’re searching for dedicated individuals who share our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Join Our Team of Professionals

When you join Mercadona, you become a part of a dedicated group of professionals who prioritize customer happiness and work together to achieve greatness.

If you’re someone who thrives in a collaborative environment, is proactive, and thinks analytically, then Mercadona is the ideal workplace for you.

Available Job Positions

We have several job openings available, each with its unique responsibilities:

  1. Butcher: Cuts meat.
  2. Fishmonger: Cuts and sells fish.
  3. Cashier: Rings up customers and handles payments.
  4. Baker: Makes bread and other delicious baked goods.
  5. Perfumer: Sells perfume and other fragrances.
  6. Greengrocer: Sells fresh fruits and vegetables.
  7. Deli Clerk: Works in the deli, selling meats, cheeses, and prepared foods.
  8. Cleaning Staff: Maintains the store and its facilities clean.
  9. Stock Clerk: Keeps track of inventory and restocks shelves.

Full-Time Job Benefits

If you choose to join us on a full-time basis, here’s what you can expect:

  • 40 hours of work per week, from Monday to Saturday.
  • 5 working days per week, with 2 guaranteed days off.
  • Rotating morning and afternoon shifts.
  • Paid practical training to help you excel in your role.
  • A monthly gross salary of €1,507.

Join Mercadona in Zaragoza Today!

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the Mercadona team in Zaragoza. Apply now and start an exciting journey with a company that cares about its employees and is committed to offering excellent customer service. We can’t wait to have you on our team!

Full-Time Job

  • You’ll work 5 days a week, from Monday to Saturday, with 2 guaranteed days off.
  • Your shifts will switch between morning and afternoon.
  • You’ll get paid training.
  • Your monthly salary before taxes will be €1,507.

Part-Time Job (15 or 20 hours per week)

  • Your weekly hours depend on your contract type.
  • You’ll receive paid training.
  • Your monthly salary before taxes will be €565 for 15 hours or €753 for 20 hours.


To apply, you should:

  • Have finished high school.
  • Hold a driver’s license if you’re applying for a delivery job.
  • Be customer-friendly, communicate well, and work effectively in a team.
  • Be eager to learn and motivated.

Join us at Mercadona in Zaragoza and be a part of our team!

Job Responsibilities

Our stores, known for their diverse product range, place a premium on employees who can seamlessly transition between different roles to ensure the most exceptional and personalized customer experience.

We need people to take in, store, put back on the shelves, and show off our products.

If you want to work on a team and in a busy place, apply now! Come work at Mercadona in Zaragoza for a company that values its employees and customers. Don’t miss out on this great chance!

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What are the benefits of full-time job at Mercadona?

Full-time job offer 40 hours of work per week, with a 5-day workweek (Monday to Saturday), guaranteed 2 days off, rotating morning and afternoon shifts, paid practical training, and a monthly gross salary of €1,507.

What are the options for part-time job at Mercadona?

Part-time job are available for either 15 or 20 hours per week, with varying weekly schedules depending on the contract type. Part-time employees also receive paid practical training and monthly salaries of €565 for 15 hours or €753 for 20 hours before taxes.

What are the basic requirements to apply for a job at Mercadona?

You must have completed high school, and if applying for a delivery job, you must have a driver’s license. Additionally, you should be customer-oriented, have strong communication and teamwork skills, and be motivated to learn.

How can I apply for a job at Mercadona in Zaragoza, Spain?

To apply, click on the “APPLY” button and follow the application process.

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