NASIMS Clears the Air on Payment Suspension Rumors

NASIMS clears the air on rumors about Npower stipend payment suspensions, reasserting their commitment to ongoing payments and beneficiary support.

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has spoken out against misinformation spreading on social media, dismissing rumors about Npower stipend payments being suspended due to a change in administration.

NASIMS Quells Payment Suspension Speculation

NASIMS has ardently denied rumors that Npower stipend payments have been halted.

These misleading allegations circulating on social media platforms have generated anxiety among beneficiaries.

NASIMS reassures all that stipend payments remain ongoing and unaffected by any administrative changes.

NASIMS Addresses the Misleading Message

An unsettling message titled “SUSPENSION IN PAYMENT OF STIPENDS” began to spread like wildfire, sparking concern that Npower stipend payments were on hold.

NASIMS recognizes the unease experienced by N-Power Batch C (Streams 1 And 2) beneficiaries who are still waiting for their December to May payments.

However, they clarify that the change in administration only slightly impacted the program, reassuring beneficiaries that the payment process will proceed.

Progress of Batch C2 Stipend Payments

NASIMS has confirmed that the outstanding stipend payments for Batch C2 beneficiaries, which cover October, November, and December, have been initiated.

NASIMS assures everyone that stipend payments continue unaffected by administrative changes.

Plans to Continue the Payment Process

NASIMS affirms its commitment to the Npower program, guaranteeing every beneficiary that their stipend will be delivered in due course.

They are actively working to ensure the seamless continuation of the payment process within the new administration’s budget.

NASIMS offers its apologies for any inconveniences and expresses gratitude for the patience shown by the beneficiaries.

Pending Batch C1 Stipend Payments

While payments for Batch C2 beneficiaries are in progress, NASIMS sheds light on the outstanding stipends for Batch C1 beneficiaries.

These, specifically for September, October, and November, have not been reinitiated at this point.

NASIMS states that these payments will be handled once the Batch C2 beneficiaries’ payment process is completed.

Priority for Batch C2 Npower Beneficiaries

NASIMS verifies that their utmost priority is ensuring all Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries receive their complete stipend payments before June 2023 ends.

This dedication mirrors their efforts to streamline the payment system and prevent further backlogs or outstanding payments.

NASIMS has promptly addressed rumors about the suspension of Npower stipend payments, emphasizing that payments for Batch C2 beneficiaries are ongoing, and arrangements are in place to deal with outstanding stipends for Batch C1 beneficiaries.

NASIMS remains committed to settling all beneficiaries and maintaining transparency in the payment process.

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1. Has NASIMS suspended the payment of Npower stipends?

No, NASIMS has denied such rumors, assuring beneficiaries that payments remain ongoing.

2. What is the status of the Batch C2 stipend payments?

Batch C2 stipend payments are ongoing, despite occasional banking network issues.

3. When can Batch C1 beneficiaries expect their outstanding stipends?

The payment of outstanding stipends for Batch C1 beneficiaries will be addressed once Batch C2 payments are completed.

4. What is NASIMS’ top priority concerning Npower stipends?

NASIMS’ top priority is to ensure that all Batch C2 beneficiaries receive their complete stipends before the end of June 2023.

5. Has the change in administration affected the Npower stipend payments?

NASIMS has clarified that the change in administration only slightly impacted the program, and the payment process will continue.

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