Garba Shehu: Consequences of Buhari’s Decision to Retain Fuel Subsidy

Garba Shehu: President Tinubu’s Election Fate Hinged on Buhari’s Fuel Subsidy Decision” Learn why former President Buhari refrained from removing petrol subsidy and unifying exchange rates, as revealed by Garba Shehu.

Shehu emphasizes that if implemented before the 2023 polls, these policies would have caused President Tinubu and the APC to lose the election.

Garba Shehu, a veteran political analyst and one-time Senior Special Assistant to Nigeria’s past President, Muhammadu Buhari, gives his perspective on why Buhari chose not to eliminate the petrol subsidy and unify the foreign exchange rates.

This decision, according to Shehu, was strategic and timely to prevent the predicted loss of President Bola Tinubu in the 2023 election.

The Timing of Buhari’s Decision

Shehu released a statement on June 26, 2023, offering a well-thought-out explanation for Buhari’s decision.

He stated that the removal of these subsidies and the unification of the foreign exchange rates were postponed to a more suitable time when tensions in the country would be lower.

It seems to have been a well-calculated decision, and one that the people seem to have agreed with.

The Forgotten Subsidies

In his statement, Shehu was quick to remind the public of all the subsidies that had been removed by Buhari.

The massive electricity subsidy, the fraudulent fertilizer subsidy, and numerous others including subsidies on diesel, aviation fuel, kerosene, and cooking gas.

These subsidies, in place since May 2015, were all successfully eradicated by Buhari, showing a strong intent to tackle Nigeria’s subsidy problem.

The APC’s Silence

Shehu further highlighted the silence of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) on these matters.

According to him, the party had failed to communicate effectively on these issues, prompting him to take the initiative and explain the decisions.

APC’s Electoral Concerns

Shehu’s revelations also shed light on the political considerations behind Buhari’s decisions.

He suggested that the APC, seeking re-election with a new leader, could have been thrown out of office if they had proceeded with removing the fuel subsidy as per the new Petroleum Industry Act.

Public sentiment, as gauged by several polls, suggested that such a move could have jeopardized their electoral prospects.

In summary, Shehu’s reflections provide a fascinating insight into the strategic considerations that shaped the policy decisions of the Buhari administration.

The decision to retain the fuel subsidy and to not unify the foreign exchange rates may have been instrumental in securing APC’s victory in the 2023 elections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Garba Shehu?

Garba Shehu, former Senior Special Assistant to Nigeria’s ex-President Muhammadu Buhari.

Why didn’t Buhari remove the fuel subsidy?

According to Garba Shehu, Buhari chose not to remove the fuel subsidy and unify the foreign exchange rates to prevent a predicted loss in the 2023 election.

What other subsidies were removed by Buhari?

Buhari removed a series of subsidies, including the massive electricity subsidy, fraudulent fertilizer subsidy, and others related to diesel, aviation fuel, kerosene, and cooking gas.

What was the APC’s role in these decisions?

Garba Shehu criticized the APC for failing to communicate effectively on these policy decisions, which forced him to explain the rationale behind these decisions.

How did these decisions affect the APC’s electoral prospects?

Shehu suggested that removing the fuel subsidy could have jeopardized the APC’s chances in the 2023 elections, according.

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