MDIA AI Applied Grant 2023: A Golden Opportunity Awaits

Unveiling MDIA AI Applied Grant 2023. Dive into Malta’s AI & IoT vision, eligibility, funding details, and more. Shape the future with us!

MDIA AI Applied Grant 2023: A Golden Opportunity Awaits!

Ever dreamed of diving deep into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)? We’ve got news!

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) presents an outstanding opportunity for innovators and researchers like you.

Wondering why this matters or how to join in? Stay with us; we’ll guide you.

The Mission Behind the

The Primary Vision

What’s the big picture, you ask? Well, MDIA is not merely about funding projects. It’s about sparking change.

The goal is to weave advanced tech into private and public sectors, enhancing efficiency, transparency, and citizen involvement.

Isn’t it about time we moved into a future where technology and humans work together seamlessly?

MDIA’s Commitment

Being at the helm of this initiative, MDIA shoulders the responsibility of ensuring the judicious use of public funds for this Grant.

It aligns with the broader aim of AI governance and strategy. How? Well, the Grant’s vision resonates deeply with Malta’s AI Strategy.

Recall the talk of boosting AI and IoT awareness in society? Or the emphasis on fostering R&D activities around AI? This is where it takes shape.

What Malta AI Strategy Outlines

Actions for Impact

MDIA is targeting transformative steps. Wondering how they aim to change the game?

Collaborative Pioneering: Encouraging synergy between researchers, startups, and established names in AI.
Elevating Research: Making investments to uplift AI research within academic institutions.

This not only enhances the research output but also fortifies connections with the industry and overseas allies.
Gearing for Global Rankings: With an intent to soar in the Government AI Readiness Index by Oxford Insights, there’s an emphasis on refining Malta’s AI research capabilities.

This promises a transformative integration of AI in public services.

Priority Projects

Are you itching to know which projects will catch MDIA’s eye? Here’s a sneak peek:

  • AI-driven traffic management
  • Revolutionizing education through AI
  • Integrating AI in healthcare
  • AI for stellar customer service
  • Boosting tourism with AI
  • AI for optimizing utilities

Objectives Unveiled: What’s the Endgame?

The Grant isn’t just about funding – it’s about vision. So, what’s on the horizon?

  • Bolstering AI & IoT research in Malta
  • Infusing more investments in R&D for AI & IoT
  • Catalyzing the adoption of these technologies across sectors
  • Fostering partnerships between academia and industry Financial Fine Print

Money talks, right? For this grant, a whopping €120,000 has been allocated.

The ceiling for each project is €40,000. The cherry on top? The Grant promises 100% financial aid.

Are You Eligible?

Before you dive in, let’s clarify the eligibility landscape.

Who Can Apply?

Any local Research Institution (RI) in Malta can toss their hat in the ring.

The catch? If an RI has less than 50% public shareholding, they need to partner with an entity boasting more than 50% public ultimate shareholding.

Think ministries or government boards.

Red Flags

If there’s a shadow of doubt that a proposed project mirrors a previously sanctioned one, MDIA might show it the exit door.

Also, any applicant dabbling in illegal activities or lacking a significant presence in Malta will not make the cut.

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What’s the primary aim of the MDIA AI Applied Grant?

To integrate cutting-edge tech solutions across all sectors, boosting efficiency, transparency, and engagement.

Is the focus only on AI?

No, both AI and IoT are pivotal to this grant’s objectives.

How much is the Grant worth?

The total grant pool is €120,000 with a maximum of €40,000 per project.

Can any institution apply?

Only local Research Institutions in Malta are eligible, with specific criteria to be met.

What projects are given priority?

Projects that align with the Malta AI Strategy, like AI in healthcare or traffic management, are given preference.

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