LSETF X Google Hustle Academy Bootcamp 2023: A Golden Ticket for Businesses

Join the LSETF X Google Hustle Academy Bootcamp 2023 and supercharge your business’s growth. Dive into live sessions, mentorship, and masterclasses today.

Have you heard of the LSETF X Google Hustle Academy Business Bootcamp 2023?

If your business is over a year old and you’ve got at least two full-time staff members, guess what?

It’s your lucky day! Let’s dive into what this golden opportunity is all about.

Unlocking the Next Business Level

Businesses evolve. But the journey to the next phase requires the right guidance.

This is where the Google Hustle Academy steps in, acting as your business’s personal trainer.

Imagine gaining access to live sessions, exclusive mentorship, and priceless masterclasses led by the industry’s top dogs.

And the cherry on top? It’s all on the house!

Designed for the Future

Forget the traditional bootcamps you’re used to.

This one is on a whole different spectrum! Delivered entirely online by experts who know their stuff, this bootcamp is all about propelling small businesses to new heights.

Think more revenue, priming yourself for solid investments, and crafting a business that stands the test of time.

A Peek into LSETF

Now, you might wonder, who’s behind this amazing initiative? It’s none other than the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF).

Established back in 2016, the primary goal of LSETF is to be a beacon of financial hope for Lagos residents, gearing them up for job opportunities and wealth creation.

With a whopping initial capital of N25Billion, their mission also includes pooling resources from a variety of sectors to further their noble cause.

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Out

Okay, let’s break down the juicy bits – the benefits. With the LSETF Hustle Academy Business Bootcamp, you can:

  • Forge powerful digital marketing strategies.
  • Unearth funding opportunities.
  • Design business growth blueprints.
  • Discover untapped markets.
  • And the big one, perfect your pitching skills.

Who’s Invited?

Thinking of joining the party? The Google Hustle Academy is scouting for businesses in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Just make sure your business has been active for over a year and that you’ve got two dedicated full-time staff on your roster.

Ready to Jump In?

Eager to be a part of this revolutionary bootcamp? We get it, and we’ve got you covered on the application details.

Opportunities like the LSETF X Google Hustle Academy Business Bootcamp 2023 don’t come knocking every day.

It’s more than just a training program; it’s a catalyst for transformative business growth.

Are you ready to make the leap?

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Is the bootcamp free?

Absolutely! You get to enjoy all its offerings without spending a dime.

How long is the bootcamp?

The duration specifics will be provided upon successful application.

Do I need any specific qualifications to join?

Just ensure your business has been operational for over 12 months and employs at least two full-time staff.

Are there any geographical restrictions?

Currently, only businesses from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa are eligible.

Is the training online or physical?

It’s entirely online, so you can participate from anywhere

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