Apply Now: MTN Chenosis Graduate Programme

Dive into MTN’s Chenosis Graduate Programme, your gateway to influencing the ICT industry’s dynamic future. Don’t just watch—shape it.

Apply Now: MTN Chenosis Graduate Programme

Telecommunications is swiftly changing, with MTN’s ambitious endeavor at its core: the Chenosis Graduate Programme.

But why should someone like you, eager to make an impact in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) world, be interested? Let’s dive deep.

Chenosis’ New Phase: A Call for Excellence

You know how in superhero movies, there’s always a turning point where everything changes? That’s exactly where Chenosis is right now.

Operational and commercial efficiency is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity.

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Especially when competitors are upping their game across every market MTN operates in.

Urgency in the Face of Intense Competition

Ever felt the need to outdo yourself because everyone else is bringing their A-game?

That’s MTN in the current competitive landscape Change is now more urgent than ever.

Aligning the Stars for Chenosis

Achieving success for the Chenosis Graduate Programme isn’t a walk in the park. Here’s what needs to line up:

Goal Alignment
The program’s aims must synchronize with MTN’s overarching strategy. Imagine trying to fit a square peg in a round hole—won’t work, right?

Adaptability in the ICT Realm
The ICT world is changing faster than you can say “tech.” Can you keep up?

Global Presence
MTN isn’t just in your backyard. It’s spread across Africa and the Middle East. That’s a lot of ground to cover and understand.

Keeping Everyone Happy
From executives to shareholders, across all 22 Operating Companies (OpCos)—everyone has expectations. Ever tried juggling? It’s kind of like that, but harder.

Market Interaction
Both consumers and suppliers are pivotal – the purchasers and providers. It’s a mutual exchange, inherently.

Constant Evolution
The sector constantly shifts, posing challenges today and openings tomorrow.

Ready to catch?

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
A diverse, team-focused environment is the name of the game. Remember, there’s no “I” in “team.”

Tech Advancements
From 5G to IoT, technology is racing. Are you laced up?

Localized Challenges
Economic, regulatory, legal—you name it. Each region has its dynamics. Can you dance to different tunes?

Strategic Focus
It’s all about collaboration across markets and getting the nod from top management. Think Avengers, but in a corporate setting.

Roles Galore for Marketing Graduates

Imagine being handed the reins to:

  • Create compelling print, broadcast, and online content.
  • Drive advertising and marketing campaigns like a pro.
  • Dive deep into market research, spotting those golden opportunities.
  • Streamline services so users say, “This is a breeze!”
  • And so much more!

High Standards: It’s in the DNA

Quality isn’t just a word—it’s a commitment. Be it adhering to timelines, maintaining MTN’s core values, or embracing new tech.

Excellence isn’t just expected—it’s demanded.

All About MTN Foundation

Heart of gold, anyone? The MTN Foundation scholarship is for those brilliant minds in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions.

Because brilliance deserves to be rewarded.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Got a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field? Possess a knack for problem-solving?

Can handle pressure? If you nodded yes, you might just be the perfect fit.

Ready, Set, Apply!

Ready to embark on a path of innovation, collaboration, and transformation, future change-maker? The door to Chenosis awaits.

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What is the core purpose of the Chenosis Graduate Programme?

Ready to embark on a path of innovation, collaboration, and transformation, future change-maker?

How many OpCos does MTN have?

MTN operates across 22 Operating Companies.

Does MTN Foundation offer scholarships for all courses?

The scholarship primarily aims at exceptional students in Nigerian public tertiary institutions.

What’s the primary qualification for the Graduate Programme?

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, branding, or communication is required.

How is the Chenosis Programme different from other graduate programmes?

Its synergy with MTN’s strategy, flexibility in the changing ICT landscape, and dedication to excellence distinguish it.

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