Latest Update on Canadian Visitor & Student Visas For 2024

Thinking about visiting Canada for work or studies? This article dives deep into the latest updates on Canadian visitor and student visas, helping you navigate the system with clear explanations.

What’s Changed?

Canada’s visitor visa program has seen some big changes lately. More people are using visitor visas to find work, which has caused the government to tighten things up. This means stricter checks on applications and a higher chance of getting rejected.

Challenges for Visitors Seeking Work

Finding work on a visitor visa can be tough. Here’s why:

  • LMIA Requirements: Many jobs in Canada require a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This is a process employers need to go through to prove they couldn’t find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the job. It’s hard for visitors to find jobs that meet this requirement because employers often prefer applicants who don’t need LMIA.
  • Visa Delays: Processing times for visitor visas have gotten longer. This means waiting a long time to find out if your application is approved.

Tips for Visa Applicants

  • Be Patient: Getting a visa can take time. Stay calm and wait for a response from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • Plan Ahead: If you’re serious about finding work in Canada, start planning before you even leave your home country. Build a support system in Canada, research job opportunities, and book your accommodation.
  • Stay Informed: Things can change quickly, so keep yourself updated on the latest visa requirements and job market trends. Talk to immigration consultants or other professionals for expert advice.

International Students and Job Seekers

Even students with study permits face challenges finding part-time work. Employers often prefer foreign workers with study permits because they don’t need LMIA, making the hiring process easier. This creates even more competition for visitors seeking work.

Before You Go

Thinking about a short visit to Canada? Here are some things to consider:

  • Be Realistic: Finding work on a visitor visa is not easy. Do your research and understand the challenges before you go.
  • Make Smart Choices: Getting a visitor visa doesn’t guarantee a job or financial security. Be prepared and have realistic expectations.


Canada’s visitor visa program is constantly changing. To succeed, you need to be informed and have a plan. Research LMIA rules, understand the job market, and use your network to find opportunities. With preparation and persistence, you can increase your chances of a successful visit to Canada.

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