Grocery Clerk Jobs in Canada April 2024: Visa-Sponsored

Fortinos, one of Canada’s top grocery chains, is hiring diligent and committed Grocery Overnight Clerks. Sponsorship for visas is available to qualified foreign applicants. Both domestic and foreign candidates may apply for this role.

During the night shift, a Grocery Overnight Clerk handles various tasks and organizes supplies to ensure the store is clean and fully stocked for the next day. To attract highly skilled foreign applicants interested in working in Canada but lacking visa sponsorship from grocery stores, retailers may consider offering such sponsorship. This can also facilitate the creation of new opportunities for both professional and personal growth while promoting the diversity and multiculturalism of Canada’s workforce.


Job Details

Company: Fortinos

Location: 1059 Plains Road East, Burlington, ON

Salary: CAD 18 to CAD 35 per hour

Country: Canada

Education: No degree, certificate, or diploma required

Experience: Minimum 1 year of experience

Responsibilities of Grocery Clerk Jobs:

  • Monitor and maintain grocery shop shelves to ensure they are consistently stocked with attractive and well-labeled goods.
  • Rotate products regularly to ensure effectiveness.
  • Take proactive measures regarding inventory and storage spaces.
  • Ensure regular cleaning to maintain a spotless and well-organized atmosphere.
  • Organize product distribution and inventory control in the storage area.
  • Assist with the pricing process and ensure the best possible pricing is applied.

Requirements for Grocery Clerk Jobs

  • Ability to work during off-peak evening hours.
  • Efficient time allocation and assignment planning skills.
  • Capability to lift and handle tangible inventory items.
  • Willingness to work longer hours if necessary.
  • No specific requirements; training will be provided.
  • Commitment to providing outstanding customer service, our main goal.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Grocery Clerk Jobs in Canada

  • Addressing Labor Shortages:
    • Visa sponsorship enables hiring foreign workers for crucial roles, mitigating staffing shortages.
    • Ensures stores remain open and efficiently serve customers round-the-clock.
  • Access to Diverse Talent:
    • Expands the talent pool, allowing for the recruitment of overnight clerks with varied backgrounds and skills.
    • Diverse workforce can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the team.
  • Meeting 24/7 Operational Needs:
    • Visa-sponsored overnight staffers ensure smooth operations and provide essential customer service during late hours.
    • Supports the demand for round-the-clock service in many grocery stores across Canada.
  • Flexible Scheduling:
    • Hiring visa-sponsored overnight clerks offers flexibility in staffing, allowing for better management of fluctuating workloads.
    • Helps balance staffing levels without overburdening current employees.
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion:
    • Visa sponsorship promotes cultural diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.
    • Overnight clerks from different backgrounds contribute to a rich and vibrant work environment.
  • Economic Contribution:
    • Visa-sponsored overnight clerks contribute to Canada’s economy through their labor, purchases, and tax payments.
    • Support local businesses, foster growth in the retail industry, and stimulate economic activity.

Additional Benefits

  • Opportunities for Professional Development:
    • Visa-sponsored overnight attendants can advance their careers in the retail industry.
    • They may receive specialized training, take on additional responsibilities, and progress into management or supervisory positions.
  • Help with Work-Life Balance:
    • Working overnight shifts can disrupt employees’ work-life balance and sleep routines.
    • Visa-sponsored overnight clerks may appreciate the chance to work during off-peak hours, facilitating a better balance between their personal and professional lives.

Salary of a Grocery Clerk:

  • An overnight stocker in Australia earns an average of $26 per year.

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