Latest News on Npower Stipend Payment: August 7, 2023

Uncover the latest news on Npower Stipend Payments 2023.

From successful stipend disbursements to the implementation of a new self-service portal, discover it all here.

Clearing All Debts for Beneficiaries

As NASIMS continues its relentless pursuit of ensuring punctual stipend payments, there is great news. All outstanding stipends for the eligible beneficiaries are now cleared.

This significant milestone is paving the way for a smooth payment process for stipends covering January to July 2023, a move that guarantees critical financial assistance to all program participants.

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NASIMS’ Leap Towards Efficiency with New Self-Service Portal

On August 1, 2023, the current round of stipend payments kicked off.

This followed the successful migration of the payment process to the new NASIMS Self Service Portal.

This revamped platform’s primary goal? To bring an enhancement in both transparency and efficiency of the stipend payment process.

Recipients Express Joy at Receipt of Outstanding Stipends

As of today, beneficiaries have been jubilant, confirming the receipt of their long-awaited stipends.

Some beneficiaries have reported receiving two months’ stipends summing up to N60,000, while others have been delighted to see three months’ worth, a total of N90,000.

Prompt Payments for Recently Enlisted Batch C Stream 2 Beneficiaries

The Batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiaries, who came on board in June 2023 and completed bank account validation successfully, also had good news.

These 200,000 recently shortlisted beneficiaries have also received their due stipends for the past 2-3 months.

Clarifying the Recent Stipend Payments

There are no illusions about the recent and ongoing stipend payments—they are indeed real.

The payments being processed currently are particularly for the outstanding stipends for October, November, and December 2022.

The Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries yet to receive these payments are the specific targets of this disbursement.

Striving for Payment Parity Among Beneficiaries

One primary aim of clearing the outstanding stipends for the last three months is to create payment parity among all beneficiaries.

Once achieved, the disbursement of stipends from January to July 2023 can commence seamlessly for all beneficiaries through the efficient NASIMS SSP Portal.

Conclusion: NASIMS’ Commitment Shines Through

NASIMS continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to its beneficiaries by streamlining the payment process and clearing all outstanding stipends.

This progress is a significant stride towards improved financial support for all participants, highlighting the program’s dedication to beneficiary welfare.

The implementation of the new NASIMS Self Service Portal is a promise of more efficient and timely stipend payments in the future.

Big Move: NASIMS Begins Massive Payment of Batch C2 Outstanding Stipends

The disbursement of Stipends kick-started on August 1, 2023, right after NASIMS moved to its new Self-Service Portal (SSP) at

The primary reason for introducing the SSP Portal was to elevate the management of the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP).

This new platform provides beneficiaries streamlined services, including smooth stipend payments, thanks to its advanced features.

The SSP Portal now allows Npower beneficiaries to receive their stipends simultaneously and to have access in real-time to their payment records and statuses like “processing”, “completed”, or “failed payments” within their NASIMS SSP Profile.

NASIMS is also actively addressing the Outstanding Stipends Payment backlog for October, November, and December 2022.

The recently shortlisted Batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiaries, particularly those who validated successfully in June and early July 2023, are also included in this disbursement.

Beneficiaries should keep in mind that the timing of payment credit might vary due to different banks used by individual beneficiaries.

The estimated processing time does not exceed 48 hours, even though the initiation of payment happens simultaneously.

Beneficiaries are thus encouraged to be patient during this disbursement process and to closely monitor the new Self Service Portal to stay updated on their Stipend Payment status.

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