Decoding the Uprising in Niger: Kingsley Moghalu’s Insights on West African Coups

Explore Kingsley Moghalu’s insights on the rising number of coups in the Sahel region of West Africa, the factors driving this trend, and the way forward.

Unraveling the Reasons Behind Coups in the Sahel

Kingsley Moghalu, previously a deputy Governor of Nigeria’s Central Bank (CBN), made a noteworthy observation regarding the increasing frequency of military coups, particularly in the Sahel region.

He attributed this disturbing trend to the flawed leadership styles prevalent in this region, which often involves rampant corruption and an utter lack of rule of law or accountability.

The Niger Situation and the Call for Democracy

These revelations from Moghalu came hot on the heels of an appeal by the Nigerian Senate.

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The appeal implored the use of diplomatic means to restore democracy in Niger.

This request for political stability in Niger comes as the nation joins Burkina Faso, Mali, and others in what can now be referred to as the “Sahel Coup Belt.”

The Price of Poor Governance

Former CBN chief Moghalu pointed out the detrimental effects of bad governance, citing that the African continent, despite experimenting with democracy for over three decades, remains the poorest in the world.

This poverty is not alleviated but rather exacerbated by the rising number of coups.

The African Dilemma: Power and Mindset

According to Moghalu, another key issue driving the Sahel region towards a path of failed governments is a lack of rule of law and accountability.

He related this failure to our collective “worldview” or mindset, dominated by power arrogance and corruption.

Unveiling the Root Causes

“It’s the African mind,” Moghalu elucidated. “Our worldview, our mindset.

The way we think, the arrogance of power, the corruption.

The absence of rule of law/accountability.

” He critiqued the focus on superstition over rational scientific innovation, which has fueled development in other parts of the world.

Low-Level Thinking, Low-Level Outcomes

Moghalu cautioned that the low-level thinking prevalent in the region begets low-level actions, ultimately resulting in low-level outcomes.

His proposed solution? A return to basics.

Importance of Worldviews

The former CBN deputy governor stressed the importance of examining our worldviews.

He encouraged introspection regarding our identities, origins, destinations, methods of progression, and the values underpinning our societies.

In Recent News: Niger’s Electricity Supply

In a recent development, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) confirmed that they had severed electricity supply to Niger Republic.

This action was taken in direct response to the recent coup that resulted in the military ousting Niger’s president.

Power Outages in Niger

On August 2nd, major cities in Niger were reported by the BBC to be experiencing rolling blackouts due to the interrupted power supply from Nigeria, according to the Nigerien electricity company, Nigelec.

Why Nigeria Powers Niger and Other Neighboring Countries

TCN’s Managing Director, Sule Abdulaziz, addressed the Nigerian Power Consumers Forum, mentioning that Nigeria, through TCN, has been exporting electricity to Niger, Benin, and Togo under an agreement between these nations.

The Motive Behind Electricity Exports

Abdulaziz elucidated that supplying electricity to the regional market enabled the federal government to generate additional foreign exchange for national development.

This regional market also provides the opportunity for generation companies (GenCos) to export power to more West African countries, a task facilitated by the TCN’s transmission infrastructure.

Strategic Electricity Sales to Neighboring Countries

In 2021, reports indicated that Nigeria sells electricity to neighboring countries for strategic purposes.

This fact was confirmed by the Managing Director of Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading Plc (NBET), Nnaemeka Ewelukwa, during a session with the Federal House of Representatives in November 2021.

He explained that Nigeria sells about 6% of its generated electricity to neighboring countries due to dam-related issues.

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Who is Kingsley Moghalu?

Kingsley Moghalu is a Nigerian political economist and former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

What is the Sahel Coup Belt?

The Sahel Coup Belt includes Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali, which have witnessed a series of military coups.

Why does Nigeria supply electricity to Niger and other neighboring countries?

Nigeria exports electricity to neighboring countries through country-to-country arrangements.This supply helps the federal government earn foreign exchange and allows generation companies to export power to other West African countries.

What is the connection between power supply and the recent coup in Niger?

The recent coup in Niger led to the Transmission Company of Nigeria cutting off the country’s electricity supply. This has resulted in rolling blackouts in major cities in Niger.

What solution does Kingsley Moghalu propose for the increasing number of coups in West Africa?

Moghalu suggests going back to basics, reevaluating our worldview, and reemphasizing the values that form the foundation of our societies.

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