Kaduna Data Science Fellowship Program: A Golden Opportunity to Upskill and Excel

Join the Kaduna Data Science Fellowship Program for an unmatched opportunity to develop a data science career, contribute to public policy, and learn from industry leaders.

The world is progressing at a lightning pace.

In this scenario, it’s crucial to update and upgrade ourselves to match rapid growth.

The Data Science Fellowship Program, brought to you by Kaduna State, provides you with this golden chance.

This initiative is a critical part of Kaduna State’s Data Revolution Plan, a plan that places a great deal of emphasis on improving collaboration in data collection and usage to make decisions based on concrete evidence.

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An Insight into the Data Revolution Plan

Partnering with the Kaduna State Government on this ambitious project are esteemed organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Natview Foundation for Technology Innovation.

These entities have come together to undertake the Data Lab Project, a five-year-long initiative that seeks to bolster Kaduna State’s data science human capital and encourage data-centric decision-making processes.

The goal is simple and clear: to train 100 talented individuals over five years.

The first cohort has already concluded successfully, with 30 brilliant minds having been trained in data science and state-of-the-art decision-making tools.

Breaking Down the Program Structure

Program: 6 months – 3-month intensive classroom training + 3-month paid internship.

During the internship, participants will be working closely with the Amina J. Mohammed SDGs Data Lab at Kaduna State Bureau of Statistics.

The Rich Rewards of the Program

The benefits of participating in the Kaduna State Government Data Science Fellowship Program are manifold:

A golden chance to refine your skills and launch a career in the world’s most coveted industry.

Join a team of policy experts and data analysts to drive development planning and evidence-based decision-making, focusing on health sector contributions.

A six-month fully paid internship program with industry leaders and stakeholders in the health sector.

The possibility to model data using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools within the Amina J. Mohammed SDGs Data Lab.

The chance to build a sustainable network within the Data Science Ecosystem.

Eligibility Criteria: Is This Program for You?
Age requirement: 18-35 years old?

Do you reside in Kaduna State? If you answered yes to both, you’re already halfway there!

Academic qualification: STEM graduates eligible, especially in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Physical Sciences, or health-related fields.

Undergraduates within these STEM fields who are completing their internships are also welcome to apply.

Competency Level: Basic computer knowledge, understanding of Microsoft Excel, problem-solving skills, and communication skills in both written and verbal English are the skills we seek.

Gender: During the selection process, a 50% gender balance and distribution will be considered.

The Selection Process: Mark Your Calendars!

The selected candidates will hear from us by August 9, 2023.

Announcements will be made on the Click-On Kaduna Data Science Fellowship Programme website and all its social media handles.

Furthermore, all applicants will receive a notification by email.

A Glimpse of the Timeline

  • July 1st, 2023: Applications open
  • July 21st, 2023: Applications close
  • July 24th – July 27th: Application review and participant selection.
  • July 29th: Computer-Based Testing
  • August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th: One-on-One Interviews
  • August 9th: Successful participants are notified
  • August 16th: Induction/Orientation for participants
  • August 21st: Classes commence

Your Step-By-Step Application Guide

Feeling inspired and ready to apply? Here are the steps:

Fill and submit the application form on www.datascience.click-onkaduna.ng.
Email with activation link will be sent to you.

Click it to activate your profile.

Create a new password and then log in to your profile.
Write an essay of not more than 250 words explaining why you should be selected for the program.

Upload valid identification (Voters card, National ID Card, Driver’s License, or International Passport).

Please ensure the image type is .jpg.
Upload a video of not more than 2 minutes telling us what makes you unique.
Wait for the confirmation status of your application.
If successful, you will be contacted for a Computer-Based Test.
If successful, you will be invited for a one-on-one interview with the Selection Panel.
Welcome aboard the Second Cohort for the Fellowship Programme!

In conclusion, the Kaduna Data Science Fellowship Program is a remarkable opportunity for young and ambitious individuals looking to build a strong foundation in data science.

Don’t miss out on this chance to learn, grow, and contribute to society in meaningful ways

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What is the Kaduna Data Science Fellowship Program?

It is a six-month program that provides intensive data science training and a paid internship, aiming to train 100 individuals over five years.

Who are the partners in this initiative?

Partners: Kaduna State Government, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Natview Foundation for Technology Innovation.

What are the eligibility criteria for the program?

Candidates should be aged 18-35 years, reside in Kaduna State, and be graduates or undergraduates of STEM courses. Basic computer knowledge and communication skills are also required.

When does the application process start and end?

The application opens on July 1st, 2023, and closes on July 21st, 2023.

How can I apply for the program?

You can apply through the official website www.datascience.click-onkaduna.ng by following the steps outlined in the “Your Step-By-Step Application Guide” section above.

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