Grab Your Future Today: Apply for the Adamawa State Scholarship Trust Fund

The Adamawa State Scholarship Trust Fund is accepting applications for 2023. Apply today and secure your future with quality education

Is your pursuit for quality education blocked by financial hurdles? Worry no more! A golden opportunity just landed in Adamawa State.

The Adamawa State Scholarship Trust Fund (ASSTF) is here to transform your educational dreams into reality.

Who are We?

The ASSTF was established with a noble mission – to help deserving students in Adamawa State continue their educational journey, unhindered by financial constraints.

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Our aim: Equal opportunity for deserving students, regardless of socio-economic background, to make a difference.

A Step Towards Digitization: ASSTF Web Portal

Realizing the power of technology and the convenience it brings along, we launched our ASSTF Web Portal.

Online platform streamlines scholarship application process for students.

Web Portal Features

The ASSTF Web Portal not only allows you to apply for scholarships with a few clicks, but it also automates the entire screening process for both local and international scholarships, as well as special overseas programs like Aviation.

Open for Applications

Good news for all you dreamers out there! The application process for the 2023 local scholarships commences on the 3rd of July and runs through the 7th of August.

Eligibility Criteria

We invite applications from students who are:

New intake in NCE.
New intake in ND 1.
New intake in HND 1.
Freshmen (100 level) or 200 level (DE only) students.

The Application Process: How To Apply

How does one tap into this great opportunity? It’s simple! Visit official web portal and follow application guidelines.

The Adamawa State Scholarship Trust Fund is a fantastic opportunity for students in Adamawa State to take a step forward in their educational journey.

Don’t let financial obstacles hold you back.

Apply today, and open the door to a brighter future!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the Adamawa State Scholarship Trust Fund?

Any new intake in the categories of NCE, ND 1, HND 1, 100 level, or 200 level (DE only) can apply.

When is the application process starting?

The application process starts on the 3rd of July, 2023.

Where to apply for the scholarship?

You can apply through the official ASSTF Web Portal here.

Does the scholarship support overseas education?

Yes, the ASSTF supports both local and international education, as well as special overseas programs like Aviation.

Is there an offline application process?

No, all applications are processed online through the ASSTF Web Portal.

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