International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance – IDEA Recruitment 2023

Explore the IDEA recruitment in 2023. Discover roles that champion global democracy. Dive in for role specifics and application details.

Are you filled with fervor to play a part in shaping the democratic framework globally? If yes, we’ve got some riveting news for you!

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) is on a recruitment drive for four pivotal roles. Ready to explore these roles? Let’s dive in!

Discover IDEA recruitment : A Democracy Beacon

With a robust backing of 34 member states from around the world, IDEA stands as a global luminary in championing sustainable democracy.

Think of it as the bridge connecting theoretical democracy research to real-world applications.

Its essence lies in its mission: to foster democratic values by engaging with nations at different democratic maturity levels.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Breaking News!

Before we journey into the role specifics, here’s a quick news flash! IDEA is on the hunt for dynamic

graduates and seasoned professionals eager to cement their place in this esteemed institution. Sound like you?

Spotlight on the Vacancies:

1. Communications Officer – Your Voice, Our Amplifier

Location: Abuja


  • A University Degree or its equivalent in fields like Communications or Journalism.
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience, spanning journalism and communications for development.
  • A knack for crafting captivating social media campaigns.
  • A deep understanding of tools such as Google Analytics and Photoshop.
  • Team player? You’re in!

Deadline: 15th October, 2023

Application Process: Ready to be our voice? Send your applications to

2. Communications Assistant – The Digital Whisperer

Location: Abuja


  • High School Diploma, but a University Degree in Communications? Brownie points!
  • At least 3 years of professional experience.
  • Proficiency in platforms like Drupal and Microsoft Office.
  • A flair for communication that enthralls audiences.

Deadline: 15th October, 2023

Application Process: Got what it takes? Shoot your application to

3. Associate Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – The Strategist

Location: Abuja


  • An Undergraduate Degree in fields such as Social Science or Law.
  • A 3-year experience in monitoring and evaluation of international development projects.
  • Adeptness in managing surveys and understanding evaluation methodologies.

Deadline: 15th October, 2023

Application Process: Think you fit the bill? Apply at

4. State Associate Project Officer – The Governance Guru

Locations: Multiple – Adamawa, Anambra, Edo, and Kano


  • A University Degree in disciplines like Social Science or Law.
  • A 5-year experience in areas such as Rule of Law within Nigeria.
  • Collaboration history with government agencies.

Deadline: 15th October, 2023

Application Process: If governance is your calling, send your applications to

IDEA isn’t just about job positions; it’s about leaving an indelible mark in the realms of democracy and electoral aid.

If you find resonance with the roles and are brimming with the zeal to make a difference, here’s your golden ticket!


FAQs: Curious Minds Ask!

1. When will the official announcements be made?

Currently, no dates are fixed. But, keep an eagle eye on those emails!

2. Can international candidates apply?

Positions are open to those authorized to work in Nigeria.

3. How long are these positions for?

Two years. An adventure awaits!

4. What expertise does the State Associate Project Officer need?

A strong foundation in Rule of Law and areas such as Criminal Justice within Nigeria.

5. Is there an age bar for these roles?

There isn’t an age specification, but it’s essential to match the job prerequisites.

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