Hotel Job in Akwa Ibom State 2023 See how to find a Hotel Jobs 

Explore the thriving hotel Job in Akwa Ibom in 2023. From top hiring hotels to essential tips for job seekers, discover your path in the hospitality world.

Looking for a hotel job in Akwa Ibom State, especially in Uyo? 

Well, you’re in luck! The hospitality industry in Akwa Ibom is thriving, and there are plenty of opportunities for both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals. Let’s dive in.

Why Akwa Ibom?

Akwa Ibom, with its bustling cities like Uyo and Ikot Ekpene, is rapidly becoming a hub for the hotel industry.

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With increasing tourism and business travelers, there’s a growing demand for skilled workers in various hotel positions.

Hotel Job in Akwa Ibom Now

If you’re considering taking the plunge and diving into the hotel industry, here are some top-notch hotels actively seeking employees:

  1. Daaty Hotel
    • Address: Akpankpan St, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo
    • Phone: 0902 329 0386
  2. Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort
    • Address: Nwaniba Road, Uyo
    • Phone: 0808 052 7411
  3. Villa Marina Hotel
    • Address: Marina Road, Eket
    • Phone: 0806 381 6683
  4. De-Castle Luxury Home
    • Address: Plot 25, Unit F, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo
    • Phone: 0803 086 6622
  5. EEMJM Hotels
    • Address: Dominic Utuk Avenue, Uyo
  6. Sages’ Conclave Hotel Limited
    • Address: No 11 Ito Rd, No 15 Adadiaha Rd, Ikot Ekpene
  7. Carabana Hotel And Suites
    • Address: No. 1 Henry Asuquo Street, Off Ita Oboho Street, Ossongama, Uyo
    • Phone: 0703 115 8021
  8. Diamolen Luxury Hotels
    • Address: No 1 Diamond Street Off Ekpoakam Street Ibiakpan Nto Akan, Ikot Ekpene
  9. K-Orbit Hotel & Suites
    • Address: Plot 55, C-Line, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo
    • Phone: 0708 956 9339
  10. Macaire Resorts
    • Address: 47A Old Itu Road, Ikot Ekpene
  11. Monty Suites Uyo
    • Address: 37 General Edet Akpan Ave, Uyo
    • Phone: 0703 809 1700
  12. Anibeto Palace Hotels
    • Address: No 1 Ephraim Essien Road G.R.A, Ikot Ekpene
  13. Utimanik Suites
    • Address: 74 Grace Bill Road, Eket
    • Phone: 0818 524 7022
  14. Sky Point Hotel
    • Address: 58 Secreteriat Road, Oron, Akwa Ibom State
  15. New Point Hotel & Suites
    • Address: 31 Atiku Abubakar Ave, Uyo
  16. Royalty Hotels & Recreations Eket
    • Address: 74 Eket – Oron Rd, Eket
  17. Davok Suites
    • Address: Plot S.9, Unit G, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo
    • Phone: 0902 898 0000
  18. Tropical Guest House
    • Address: 36b Okop Eto Road, Ikot Ekpene
  19. Venus Hotels & Suites
    • Address: Plot 34 Alison Attah Street, Uyo
    • Phone: 0705 777 1144
  20. Amity Hotel
    • Address: Plot 1B D Unit, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo
    • Phone: 0803 238 9099

Types of Hotel Job in Akwa Ibom Available

Thinking of a hotel job but not sure which position? Here’s a taste of what’s available:

  1. Age Requirement: Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Adaptability: Must be open to working in a new environment.
  3. Entry-Level Position: Front desk roles are entry-level.
  4. Application Documents: Please submit your CV/Resume and a Letter of Application specifying the desired position.
  5. Team Player: Candidates should have a strong sense of teamwork.
  6. Deadline-Oriented: Ability to meet deadlines in a multitasking environment is essential.
  7. Communication Skills: Strong interpersonal and communication skills are required.
  8. Behavior and Conduct: Applicants must exhibit good behavior and composure.
  9. Experience: Prior work experience is advantageous.
  10. Attention to Detail: Being detail-oriented is important.
  11. Managerial Skills: For manager positions, strong business, management, and interpersonal skills are necessary.
  12. Learning and Achievement: A passion for learning and achieving results is valued.

What Do You Need to Apply?

Different roles require different qualifications. But generally, for most entry-level roles:

  • Age: Must be at least 18.
  • Resume: Show off your relevant experience and skills.
  • Teamwork: A must in the hotel industry.

A Few Tips for Job Seekers

Remember, it’s not just about finding a job – it’s about finding the right job.

Tailor your application to each hotel, show genuine interest, and always be professional.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a change in your career, Akwa Ibom’s hotel industry offers plenty of exciting opportunities.

So, polish up that resume, put on your best outfit, and get ready to embark on a rewarding journey in the world of hospitality!

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Is experience required for all hotel job in Akwa Ibom?

Not necessarily. While some roles may require experience, many entry-level positions offer on-the-job training.

How can I stand out when applying for a hotel job?

Tailor your application to the specific hotel and role, and showcase any relevant experience or skills.

Are there opportunities for advancement in the hotel industry?

Absolutely! Many hotels offer training programs and promote from within.

Is the hotel industry in Akwa Ibom stable?

With growing tourism and business travel, the industry shows strong potential for growth.

Can I apply to multiple positions in the same hotel?

Yes, but it’s essential to tailor each application to the specific role.

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