A New Era: Nigeria’s Government Inaugurates Committee to Review National Youth Policy

The Federal Government of Nigeria inaugurates a committee for a comprehensive review of the National Youth Policy, setting the stage for a brighter future for its youth.

The Federal Government of Nigeria is setting the stage for an impactful change in youth development.

Recognizing the importance of well-planned and relevant strategies, they’ve recently inaugurated a 27-member Committee.

This squad’s primary task is to commence work on the 2019-2023 National Youth Policy (NYP).

The influential man behind this move is none other than the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Sports and Youth Development, Alhaji Ismaila Abubakar.

A Journey Towards Inclusive Youth Development

This exciting inauguration is more than just a ceremony; it’s a decisive step towards a planned future.

This move aligns perfectly with the timeline of the ongoing review process, a periodic audit held every five years.

The National Youth Policy – A Handbook for Change

The NYP is more than just a document. It’s a roadmap, leading us towards the development of Nigeria’s young populace.

It represents the practical support the Nigerian Government is set to offer its future leaders.

This policy is in the final stage of its 2019-2023 journey, and it’s high time for a periodic review.

Success Stories and the Promise of More

Alhaji Ismaila Abubakar proudly shared the successful implementation of the 2019-2023 edition of the NYP by the Federal Government.

One notable achievement is the inclusion, participation, and provision of vital information to the youth.

This success has led to a well-informed youth populace about their rights.

Taking the NYP to Grassroots

In a progressive move, the ministry, hand-in-hand with Civil Society Organisations, the Private Sector, and International Agencies, has expanded the NYP to the grassroots.

Their collective efforts have led to enlightenment and publicity, implemented across Nigeria’s six geo-political zones, aligned with the government’s policy thrust.

The Need for Review – Embracing the Dynamic Nature of Society

Over the last five years, Nigerian youth’s perception and actions towards government policies have notably changed, largely influenced by the emergence of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The age bracket for youth (15-29) has sparked much debate, as it fails to resonate with the age reality of Nigeria and Africa.

Forward Into the Future – A Glimpse Into the Task Ahead

The government’s recognition of these realities initiated the review process.

The newly formed committee is tasked with developing an all-encompassing Policy Document by February 2024.

A Call to Action

Abubakar challenged the committee to leverage their experience and ensure the creation of an integrative policy document.

This blueprint should reflect global trends, include the concerns of youth across all geo-political zones, and oversee the review process until its launch.

This initiative by the Nigerian Government reflects their commitment to the country’s youth.

The new National Youth Policy will be a comprehensive guide for developing, engaging, and empowering young Nigerians.

Let’s anticipate a future where the youth, empowered by practical and inclusive policies, will lead the country to a brighter tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the newly formed committee aim to achieve?

The committee’s task is to review and update the National Youth Policy to address the current realities and needs of Nigerian youth.

What has been the major achievement of the 2019-2023 NYP?

The major achievement has been the inclusion, participation, and information provision to the youth about their rights.

What are the challenges facing the current NYP?

One of the key challenges is the controversy surrounding the age bracket for youth (15-29) in the policy.

How long will the committee work on the review?

It’s expected to finish by February 2024.

Who inaugurated the committee?

The committee was inaugurated by the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Sports and Youth Development, Alhaji Ismaila Abubakar.

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