Fully Funded Opportunity of Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024: Fully funded opportunity to study in Hungary. Apply now for undergraduate, master’s, or PhD programs. Deadline , ELIGIBILITY

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024-2025

What’s the Deal? The Hungarian government is giving out the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship for the year 2024-2025. It’s for students from all around the world who want to study in Hungary.

Your Study Options You can choose to apply for undergraduate, master’s, or PhD programs in Hungary using this scholarship.

Why Pick Stipendium Hungaricum? This scholarship is famous worldwide because it lets students study in Hungary without paying any tuition fees. Hungarian universities offer really good education that’s also affordable, making Hungary a cool place for international students in Europe.

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What Does It Cover? The Hungarian government pays for everything with this scholarship. That includes your tuition fees, application fees, a monthly allowance, a place to stay, health insurance, a plane ticket, and the chance to study in Europe.

Earn It Fair and Square This scholarship is given to smart students based on how well they’ve done academically. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are – everyone has an equal chance.

Your Way to Success This scholarship is like a golden ticket to a bright future. It helps you get the knowledge and skills you need for a great career.

Spreading Knowledge and Culture The Hungarian government is supporting the Stipendium Hungaricum Program 2024 to bring education and different cultures together, making Hungary friends with other countries.

Lots of Scholarships In 2024, there are more than 1000 scholarships for international students to study at Hungary’s top universities. That’s a lot of opportunities!

So Many Subjects You can choose from a bunch of different subjects to study, and you don’t have to worry about money because the government covers it all.

English All the Way All the classes are taught in English, so you get to learn and do research in Europe.

For All Types of Degrees This scholarship works for bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, and other types of programs.

Don’t Miss Out Don’t let this chance slip by. Apply for the fully funded Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program 2024-25. It’ll help you be ready for the world’s challenges and a sustainable future.

Start Now You can begin your Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship application today by reading the details about what you get, the rules, what you need, and how to apply below.

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship

Here are the fields of study available for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024-25:

  1. Arts and Arts Education
  2. Agriculture
  3. Animal Husbandry Engineering
  4. Agricultural Environmental Management Engineering
  5. Agricultural Water Management Engineering
  6. Food Safety and Quality Engineering
  7. Plant Protection
  8. Rural Development Engineering
  9. Agricultural Engineering
  10. Biotechnology
  11. Business
  12. International Economy and Business
  13. Engineering
  14. Engineering Management
  15. Environmental Engineering
  16. Mechatronic Engineering
  17. Mechanical Engineering
  18. Urban Systems Engineering
  19. Nursing
  20. Complex Rehabilitation
  21. Public Health
  22. Social Work in Health Care
  23. Social Work and Social Economy
  24. Humanities
  25. English Studies
  26. American Studies
  27. Applied Mathematics
  28. Biology
  29. Chemistry
  30. Environmental Sciences
  31. Geography
  32. Hydrobiology – Water Quality Management
  33. Molecular Biology
  34. Computer Science
  35. Computer Science Engineering
  36. Law
  37. European and International Business Law- LL.M.
  38. Computer Science and Information Technology
  39. Economics
  40. Educational Science
  41. Health Science
  42. Medical and Health Science
  43. Political Science
  44. Natural Science
  45. Social Science
  46. Sports Science

Teacher Training

The Hungary Government Scholarship has different durations for different types of programs:

For Degree Programs:

Bachelor’s program: 2 to 4 years (depends on the chosen program and course)
Master’s program: 1.5 to 2 years
Doctoral program: 4 years
One-tier master’s degree: 5 to 6 years

For Non-degree Programs:

Preparatory course in Hungarian language: 1 year
Postgraduate specialist training courses:
1 to 2 years

Deadline is January 15, 2024

Country: Hungary

Financial coverage: Fully Funded

Here is the list of countries whose residents are eligible for the scholarship:

PakistanLaosAzerbaijanGeorgiaMoldovaRepublic of AngolaUkraine
EthiopiaLebanonBangladeshIndiaMyanmarRussiaUnited Mexican States
NigeriaMalaysiaBelarusIndonesiaNamibiaSouth AfricaUzbekistan
BrazilMongoliaCabo VerdeIranNorth MacedoniaSudanVietnam
CambodiaOriental Republic of UruguayChinaKazakhstanPalestineTajikistanRwanda
ThailandAlbaniaCosta RicaKosovoParaguayTurkeySingapore
Kyrgyz RepublicAngolaEcuadorMexicoPhilippinesUgandaIraq

Deadline: January 15, 2024

To be eligible for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024, you need to meet certain criteria:

  • You can be from any country, including European Economic Area (EEA) Countries.
  • You must be willing to study in the programs offered by the university.
  • You must commit to the required duration of the chosen degree program.
  • Having an excellent academic record is important because this scholarship is highly competitive.
  • If you’re applying for a bachelor’s program, you should have your secondary school graduation certificates.
  • For postgraduate master’s programs, you need to have a bachelor’s degree, and for doctoral programs, a master’s degree is required.
  • If you’re applying for one-tier or non-degree programs, you should have a certificate of student status from your home university.
  • Applicants must be nominated by the Stipendium Hungaricum Sending Partners (countries).
    Job/Internship Description :

Benefits of the Hungary Government Scholarship 2024:

  1. Fully Funded: The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship for international students is fully funded, covering all necessary expenses.
  2. No Application or Exam Fees: There is no need to pay any application or exam fees; the entire application process is free of charge.
  3. Full Tuition Fee Coverage: The scholarship covers the full tuition fee for the chosen program of study.
  4. Monthly Stipend: Students will receive a monthly stipend to support their living expenses while studying in Hungary.
  5. Accommodation: Hungarian scholarship recipients are provided with accommodation during their studies.
  6. Free Medical Insurance: The scholarship also includes free medical insurance, ensuring the well-being of students.
  7. Round-Trip Airfare Tickets: Students will receive round-trip airfare tickets to facilitate their travel to and from Hungary.
  8. Program Diversity: The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program 2024-25 offers more than 80 programs in the English language, providing a wide range of academic opportunities.
  9. Cultural Exchange: It’s an opportunity to meet people from over 110 countries, promoting diversity and fostering interactions among students from different cultures.
  10. Travel Opportunities: Scholarship recipients can explore various European countries without financial constraints, enriching their cultural experiences.
  11. Cost-Free Education: It’s an excellent chance to study in Hungary without worrying about expenses related to living in a foreign country, making education accessible to international students.

Requirements and Application Process for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024-2025:

Requirements: To apply for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship, you need to provide the following documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Resume/CV
  3. Passport
  4. Recommendation Letter
  5. Letter of Motivation
  6. Language Proficiency Certificate
  7. Identification Documents
  8. Medical Certificate
  9. Academic Transcripts
  10. School Certificates
  11. Educational Degrees to explain your educational background

These requirements are essential for a successful application, ensuring that candidates meet the necessary criteria for the scholarship program.

Application Process

Here’s how to apply for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024-2025:

  1. The entire application process is online.
  2. You can apply to two programs.
  3. Click the “Apply Now” button to start your application.
  4. Register on the application portal.
  5. Log in and begin your application.
  6. Provide all the required details and documents carefully.
  7. Submit your application before the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship deadline.
  8. After the application process, Stipendium Hungaricum interviews will be conducted, followed by the final selection.

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024 Deadline:

  • The deadline for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024 is 15 January 2024.
  • Nominated applicants must submit a medical certificate by 15 April 2024.
  • Stipendium Hungaricum results will be announced by the end of June or the beginning of July 2024.

You can increase your chances of acceptance for the program by using professional services Official Site through the official site.

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