Full-Time Farm Workers Wanted in Australia for $70,000 Salary!

Join Our Farm Team in Tea Gardens, Newcastle & Hunter with a $70,000 Salary! Apply Now for the Full-Time Farm Worker Position at Newcastle Development Pty Ltd.

If you’re passionate about farming and are interested in the farm worker position offered by Newcastle Development Pty Ltd in the picturesque Tea Gardens, Newcastle, Maitland & Hunter region, here’s an overview of the role and its responsibilities:

Role: Farm Worker


  1. Conducting Tasks Related to All Farm Works: Your daily responsibilities will involve a variety of farm-related tasks. This could include planting, harvesting crops, tending to plants, and taking care of the farm’s animals.
  2. Operating Various Farm Machinery: As a farm worker, you’ll be responsible for operating and maintaining specialized machinery like tractors and plows. Ensuring these tools are in good working condition is vital for the farm’s productivity.
  3. Maintaining and Servicing Equipment: Regular maintenance of farm equipment is crucial to keep operations running smoothly. You’ll need to perform routine checks and servicing to ensure the tools and machinery are always operational.
  4. Carrying Out General Farm Duties: Beyond machinery and crops, general farm duties are essential for the farm’s overall upkeep. These tasks may include fence maintenance, irrigation system upkeep, and general repairs.
  5. Engaging in Cattle and Other Animal-Related Work: If you have a passion for animals, you’ll enjoy this aspect of the job. You’ll be responsible for tasks such as herding, feeding, and ensuring the well-being of the farm’s livestock and other animals.

Working as a farm worker at Newcastle Development Pty Ltd offers a fulfilling opportunity to connect with nature, contribute to the local community, and be an essential part of farm operations in a serene countryside setting.

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With a competitive salary range of $70,000 to $80,000 per year, this position may be the perfect fit for those who are eager to embrace the joys of farm life.

If you have a love for farming and the skills necessary for this role, don’t hesitate to apply and start your journey in the beautiful Tea Gardens region.

Ensuring a Clean and Orderly Work Environment:

Make sure the farm is clean and organized for safety and getting work done. You should help keep your work area clean and tidy.

Complying with Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines:

Ensuring a secure work environment is our topmost priority. To achieve this, you must diligently adhere to Workplace Health and Safety guidelines, which include specific protocols and practices.
To do well in this job, you should have these qualifications and skills:

  1. Be able to work on your own and work well with others in a team.
  2. Know how to use farm machines and take care of them.
  3. Be good at doing physical work.
  4. Be honest, reliable, and very motivated.
  5. Be serious about following safety rules at work.

Application Process

If you’re interested in becoming a farm worker at Newcastle Development Pty Ltd,

please answer these questions to check if you’re eligible:

  1. Legal Work Status: Are you allowed to work in Australia legally?
  2. Background Check: Do you have a recent police background check (National Police Certificate) for employment purposes?
  3. Driver’s License: Do you possess a valid Australian driver’s license?

We’re looking for individuals who don’t just see farming as a job but have a genuine passion for it. The ideal candidate should:

  • Team Player: Be willing to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Machinery Skills: Have good knowledge of operating and maintaining farm machinery.
  • Physical Abilities: Possess basic physical work skills.
  • Dependability: Be honest, reliable, and highly motivated.
  • Safety Conscious: Take workplace safety seriously.

If you meet these qualifications and have a deep love for farming, we encourage you to apply for this exceptional opportunity.

Join our farm family and experience the natural beauty of Tea Gardens, Newcastle, Maitland & Hunter NSW.

Farming isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life. Join us at Newcastle Development Pty Ltd and let your passion for agriculture flourish.

Together, we’ll work towards a brighter future for Tea Gardens, Newcastle, Maitland & Hunter NSW, and beyond.

What is Newcastle Development Pty Ltd?

Newcastle Development Pty Ltd is a well-established farm located in Tea Gardens, Newcastle, Maitland & Hunter, New South Wales.

Our expertise lies in farming and animal care.

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What do farm workers do at Newcastle Development Pty Ltd?

As a farm worker, your job includes doing different farm tasks, using machines, keeping equipment in good shape, doing general farm work, working with animals, and making sure the workplace is clean and safe.

What do I need to qualify for this job?

The best candidates can work alone and with a team, know how to use farm machines, have basic physical work skills, are honest and dependable, and follow safety rules.

How can I apply for a farm worker job at Newcastle Development Pty Ltd?

To apply, please go to our website or contact our HR department for information on how to apply.

Are there any extra benefits for farm workers at Newcastle Development Pty Ltd?

In addition to a good salary, farm workers may have opportunities for training, learning new skills, and growing in the company.

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