Fully-Funded KAUST Scholarship in Saudi Arabia

Grab the chance to be a part of the vibrant community at KAUST with the fully-funded KAUST Scholarship 2024. Your gateway to a future with no financial worries.

Are you dreaming of advancing your academic career without the looming financial burden? We’ve got just the beacon of hope for you.

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia is rolling out an opportunity that seems almost too good to be true, yet, it is! We invite you to take a closer look at this golden ticket to a brighter future: the fully-funded KAUST Scholarship.

A New Horizon: KAUST Scholarship for International Students 2024

Who Can Apply?

The world is your oyster, and KAUST is adding the pearl by welcoming applications from international students all around the globe.

Whether you are aiming for a Master’s degree, an MS/PhD, or a PhD Doctorate degree, this scholarship is your stepping stone.

And guess what? The application is absolutely free!

Application Window for 2024-25

We have thrilling news for aspiring scholars; the gates for the Spring and Fall semesters of 2024 are wide open.

So gear up and mark your calendars to seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Why Choose KAUST Scholarship?

Tuition-Free Graduate Programs
We bet you’d agree, there’s nothing more liberating than pursuing higher education without the shackles of tuition fees, right? At KAUST, this is not a dream but a reality.

Whether you’re eyeing a Master’s, a Doctorate, or a Postgraduate Diploma, forget about tuition costs.

Generous Stipends
We know, financial stability plays a pivotal role in shaping a stress-free educational journey.

Hence, KAUST stands tall with its promise to provide annual stipends ranging from $20,000 to $30,000.

Sounds like a safety net for a fruitful academic expedition, doesn’t it?

Benefits that Set KAUST Apart

Comprehensive Medical Insurance
Health is wealth, especially when you are miles away from home.

We ensure that you have access to excellent medical facilities, keeping you hale and hearty throughout your academic journey.

Quality Accommodation
Ever imagined living in a community where everyone shares the same zeal for learning? We offer quality on-campus housing, fostering camaraderie and a comfortable learning atmosphere.

Relocation Assistance
Moving to a new place can be a tad overwhelming, right? But fret not! From helping with visas to organizing orientation seminars, we’ve got your back in ensuring a smooth transition.

The Application Process

How to Seize this Opportunity?
The clock is ticking, and the January 2024 intake is just around the corner.

Feel the excitement? Now is the time to embark on an educational journey that nourishes both your academic and financial goals.

Just visit the official application portal to apply.

Don’t let this golden chance slip through your fingers. Enrich your academic voyage with the unique offerings at KAUST.

Dive into a community that not only values education but also ensures that you blossom without financial worries.

Are you ready to be a part of a vibrant academic society and pave the way for a luminous future? Then, seize the moment and apply now for the January 2024 intake

The KAUST scholarship is a golden opportunity as it offers fully-funded tuition-free graduate programs coupled with generous financial stipends and comprehensive benefits including health coverage and quality accommodation.

The KAUST scholarship offers annual financial stipends ranging from $20,000 to $30,000, alleviating the financial burden and enhancing the overall academic experience.

KAUST ensures the well-being of its students with comprehensive medical insurance and offers quality on-campus housing, fostering a nurturing and communal learning environment.

KAUST facilitates a smooth transition to Saudi Arabia for international students by providing extensive relocation assistance including visa support and orientation seminars.

To apply for the KAUST Scholarship for the January 2024 intake, visit the official application portal at https://admissions.kaust.edu.sa/phd-fellowship.html.

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