Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship April 2024

Good news for unskilled workers: we found low-skilled, basic jobs in Canada that might be sponsored by a visa. There are no easier or better occupations in Canada.

Jobs in Canada for Fruit Pickers with Sponsored Visas is said to signify “fruit picker.” Gathering fruits and vegetables from gardens and fields is your duty.

It seems as though you have to pick your produce from the fields.

After that, they will be put together, and packing will start.

Truck drivers will then deliver the fruits and vegetables to the market.

Like farm worker employment, fruit picker jobs are among the most well-liked and sought-after jobs in Canada.

In Canada, jobs for farmworkers are also in demand.

Jobs picking fruit are in great demand in Canada. Send in your application and resume.

canada fruit picking jobs

Job Details

  • Job Country: Canada
  • Industry: Agriculture/farming
  • Job Type: Fruit Picker
  • No Minimum Experience Required
  • Education Required: Basic English
  • No Age Limit Visa Sponsorship, Accommodation, and Relocation Assistance
  • Salary: $14-20/Hour

Since fruits are a basic human need, productive producers are needed in every nation.

Canada is not a very populated country as a result.

They require laborers, laborers, and workers. Consequently, they give international foreign workers who can visit Canada more priority.

You may have heard that the Canadian government plans to hire over a million people, with a target of 451,000 in 2024 and 447,055 in 2025.

Furthermore, obtaining work sponsorship for fruit harvesting in Canada is a frequent need for governments.

In Canada, the yearly salary for a fruit picker is $27,300, or $14 per hour. Entry-level positions begin at $27,300 a year, while the majority of seasoned professionals make up to $30,284 annually.

Types of Fruit Picking Jobs Available

  • Apple picking jobs
  • Grape picking jobs
  • Plum picking jobs
  • Peach picking jobs
  • Prune picking jobs
  • Cherry picking jobs
  • Strawberry picking jobs
  • Raspberry picking jobs

Don’t pass this up; picking fruit is one of the most sought-after careers for people who want to try something different in Canada.

Jobs picking fruit are highly recommended in Canada for several reasons, especially for people who want to supplement their income.

 Benefits Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship April 2024

  1. Fruit picker jobs in Canada, offering visa sponsorship, are available in April.
  2. Visa sponsorship for fruit pickers in Canada is a great opportunity now.
  3. Explore fruitful employment with visa sponsorship for a rewarding career in Canada.
  4. April 2024 brings numerous fruit picker positions in Canada, including visa sponsorship.
  5. Secure a position as a fruit picker in Canada with visa assistance.
  6. Visa sponsorship facilitates international candidates for fruit picking jobs in Canada now.
  7. Canada’s agriculture sector invites global workers for fruit picking, offering visa sponsorships.
  8. Gain international work experience in Canada as a fruit picker with visa support.
  9. Visa-sponsored fruit picking roles in Canada are accessible for overseas applicants now.
  10. Canada is seeking fruit pickers for April 2024, providing essential visa sponsorships.
  11. Employment as a fruit picker in Canada comes with beneficial visa sponsorship.
  12. April opens doors for fruit pickers in Canada, with visa sponsorship included.
  13. Avail visa sponsorship and join Canada’s fruit picking workforce this April 2024.
  14. Visa sponsorship enhances access to fruit picker jobs in Canada for foreigners.
  15. With visa sponsorship, embark on a fruitful picking career in Canada this April.

Canadian Firms’ Websites to discover fruit-picking jobs

BC Cherry Association

BC Fruit Grower Association

Jealous Fruits Recruitment

Carcajou Frui

Salary of fruit picker jobs in Canada

In Canada, the average fruit picker earns $15 per hour, or $29,250 annually.

The starting salary for entry-level positions is $27,788, while experienced workers can make up to $32,321 per year.

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