Unleashing Potential with FATE Foundation’s ScaleUp Lab Education Accelerator Program

Explore how the FATE Foundation’s ScaleUp Program nurtures high-potential businesses in Nigeria’s education sector for sustainable growth.

The FATE Foundation’s ScaleUp Lab Education Accelerator Program offers a dynamic platform that fosters growth in Nigeria’s education industry.

By focusing on businesses that have a high growth potential, we meticulously construct a tailored program to improve key areas of development, thereby unlocking their maximum capacity.

A Platform for Sustainable Success

Spanning four months, our comprehensive program immerses participants in a whirlwind of opportunities.

Offering workshops, personalized coaching, mentoring, networking occasions, and funding access, we endeavor to cultivate an environment conducive to success.

Our seasoned mentors and coaches strive to ensure that each participant scales their business, paving the way for long-term success.

Our Belief in Nigeria’s Educational Sector

The ScaleUp Lab Education accelerator passionately believes in the enormous potential of Nigeria’s education sector.

We are unwaveringly committed to nurturing high-impact businesses to burgeon and thrive.

Will you accompany us on this transformative journey of growth and innovation to take your venture to unprecedented heights?

Building on a Strong Entrepreneurial Culture

In the year 2000, our visionary founder, Mr. Fola Adeola, sowed the seeds of the FATE Foundation.

His objective was to capitalize on Nigerians’ robust entrepreneurial spirit, providing the necessary resources for incubation, growth, and accelerator support to fully realize their innovative prowess.

The Benefits of Participating

The array of advantages offered by our program includes an intense 5-day bootcamp, a network of seasoned mentors, industry professionals, comprehensive curriculum encompassing pivotal business areas, investment preparedness training and support.

Notably, participants get the opportunity to pitch to investors and potential partners, and gain access to numerous funding resources.

Who is Eligible?

The eligibility criterion mandates full-time involvement of the entrepreneur in the business, which should be in the growth-stage in the education industry with a proven track record of 3+ years.

Innovative products, services, or business models that address a pressing need in education are essential.

The Application Process

Feel you’re a good fit? Visit FATE Foundation’s official site at soar.

fatefoundation.org to apply. Applications submitted online will undergo thorough review by our team.

Only a chosen few will be invited for an interview.

The final decisions will be made based on business viability, growth potential, scalability, and the founders’ commitment.

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How long does the FATE Foundation’s ScaleUp Lab Education Accelerator Program last?

The program lasts for a duration of 4 months. The FATE Foundation was founded by Mr. Fola Adeola in 2000.

What benefits does the program provide?

The benefits comprise intensive training, mentorship, access to a professional network, and funding opportunities.

What are the program’s eligibility requirements?

The entrepreneur must be involved full-time in a growth-stage business in the education industry that’s been operational for at least 3 years.

How can one apply for the program?

Interested businesses can apply through the online form available on the FATE Foundation’s official site.

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