Bookkeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024 ($32 an hour)

Do you want a visa sponsorship job in Canada?

Bookkeeping jobs with visa sponsorship are now available in Canada. If you get this job, you can earn between 25 to 32 dollars per hour. All the information related to this is given ahead.

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Canada’s booming economy needs skilled bookkeepers.

This guide explores bookkeeping in Canada, including key tasks, necessary skills, and how to land a visa-sponsored job (25$-32$ per hour).

Why Bookkeepers Matter in Canada?

Bookkeepers are the financial backbone of Canadian businesses.

They ensure accurate, up-to-date financial records that comply with regulations. In today’s strict financial environment, bookkeepers are crucial for transparency, compliance, and long-term success.


Canada beckons skilled professionals, and bookkeepers are in high demand! Here’s why a bookkeeping job with visa sponsorship in Canada could be your perfect career move:

  • Fast Track to Canada: Visa sponsorship simplifies immigration, getting you to Canada quicker to start your new life.
  • Stable & Rewarding Career: offers stability with good earning potential. You’ll play a vital role in keeping businesses healthy.
  • High Demand, Broad Opportunities: Bookkeepers are needed across various industries, giving you job flexibility.
  • Develop Valuable Skills: You’ll gain expertise in financial systems, data analysis, and communication, boosting your resume.
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency: A bookkeeping job can be a stepping stone to permanent residency in Canada, opening doors to long-term opportunities.
  • Excellent Work-Life Balance: Canadian work culture generally prioritizes a healthy balance between work and personal life.
  • Multicultural Environment: Canada is a welcoming and diverse country, offering a rich cultural experience.

Key Responsibilities

  • Record Transactions: Track all financial activity – purchases, sales, receipts, and payments.
  • Maintain Ledgers: Organize financial data for easy access and verification.
  • Reconcile Bank Statements: Make sure bank statements match company records for accuracy.
  • Process Payroll: Calculate salaries, deductions, and ensure tax compliance.
  • Create Financial Reports: Prepare reports like balance sheets and income statements to show the company’s financial health.
  • Assist with Tax Preparation: Work with accountants to gather and organize documents for tax filing.
  • Budgeting: Collaborate with management to develop and monitor budgets, providing insights for achieving financial goals.

Skills Required

  • Attention to Detail: Financial records require precision, so a keen eye for detail is essential.
  • Organization: Efficiently managing large amounts of financial data is key.
  • Analytical Thinking: Analyze financial data to identify trends, errors, and improvement areas.
  • Tech Savvy: Modern bookkeepers need proficiency in accounting software and financial tools.
  • Communication Skills: Clear communication is vital when working with other departments, management, and external parties.
  • Ethics & Confidentiality: Bookkeepers handle sensitive financial information, so ethical conduct and discretion are crucial.

How to Get a Bookkeeping Job with Visa Sponsorship

  • Research & Resume: Research potential employers and their bookkeeping needs. Tailor your resume to highlight relevant skills and experience.
  • Job Boards: Search for bookkeeping positions on major Canadian job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.
  • Company Websites: Check the careers section of company websites, as many post openings there.
  • Networking: Build connections with potential employers through professional networks and industry events. Networking can uncover hidden job opportunities.
  • Application: Carefully follow application instructions and submit a compelling cover letter and a well-crafted resume.
  • Interview Prep: Research the company, the industry, and anticipate questions about bookkeeping processes and regulations.
  • Certifications: Consider earning certifications like Certified Bookkeeper (CB) or Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB) to boost your qualifications and stand out in a competitive market.

Living & Working in Canada

Canada offers a high quality of life with a strong economy and reasonable living costs. It’s renowned for its natural beauty (Niagara Falls, Rocky Mountains!), low crime rate, and welcoming people.

English is the primary language (French in Quebec). Popular destinations for job seekers include Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton, Oakville, and St. Albert.

Major Industries in Canada:

  • Chemicals
  • Food Products
  • Natural Gas
  • Petroleum
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Wood & Paper Products

Top Canadian Companies:

  • Brookfield Asset Management (Finance)
  • Royal Bank of Canada (Banking)
  • Enbridge (Oil & Gas)
  • Manulife (Insurance)
  • George Weston Limited (Food & Beverage)
  • Magna International (Automotive)
  • Alimentation Couche-Tard (Food & Beverage)



For those seeking a rewarding career in finance, Canada’s growing demand for skilled bookkeepers presents a fantastic opportunity. Bookkeeping roles are evolving beyond record-keeping to encompass financial analysis, compliance, and strategic decision-making.

Are you ready to take action now.

With the necessary skills, certifications, and a desire to contribute to Canadian businesses, you can launch a fulfilling career as a bookkeeper in Canada’s thriving economy.

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