BASA PESP Grants Offer R 3,000,000 to South African SMEs

Discover the BASA PESP4 Grant 2023, a golden chance for South African SMEs in the creative sector to secure up to R 3,000,000 in funding

We’re here to usher you into an exciting opportunity that is set to revolutionize the cultural and creative landscape of South Africa.

Do you have a small or micro business operating in the creative and cultural sectors in South Africa? If yes, then the BASA Presidential Employment Stimulus Program is exactly what you need to elevate your business to the next level.

Let’s dive deep into this golden chance, shall we?

Elevating Creative Enterprises with PESP4

An Initiative Unlocking New Horizons

The BASA Presidential Employment Stimulus Program, also known as PESP4, is an initiative spearheaded by the Presidency and the Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture (DSAC).

This program intends to breathe fresh life into the cultural and creative sectors, emphasizing fostering shared value and inclusive growth.

What Areas Does the Program Cover?

The funding is particularly tailored for enterprises operating in various spheres including:

  • Visual and performance arts
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Literature
  • Fashion
  • Media
  • Cultural development
  • Heritage preservation

And the list goes on.

These could either be permanent ventures that offer sustainable employment or special projects that create job opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

For a project to be considered, it must be delivered by registered South African small and micro enterprises within the cultural and creative industries.

The focus here is to facilitate job creation and prioritize initiatives that target women, youth, and people living with disabilities.

Additionally, projects promoting human capital development are warmly welcomed.

Who Can Apply?

  • South African SMEs with up to 200 full-time employees and an annual turnover of no more than R10 million.
  • Projects with a well-defined plan, having clear goals and measurable impacts.

The Backbone of the Initiative: Business and Arts South Africa (BASA)

The Genesis of BASA

In 1997, BASA was established as a joint venture between the government and the private sector.

This was a strategic move to foster a greater involvement of businesses in the arts sector within South Africa.

Current Status of BASA

Operating as a Section 21 company, it is registered as a public benefit organization.

After its delisting as a Schedule 3 entity, BASA now stands registered for VAT, accountable to the government, its members, and the broader creative sector.

Funding Benefits

Successful projects can expect to receive a minimum funding of R 500,000 and a maximum of a staggering R 3,000,000.

Selection Process and How to Apply

Selection Criteria

Projects submitted by women, youth, and people living with disabilities will be given preference. Only those projects with a well-structured plan and clear objectives will be considered.

Application Exclusions

Applications from previous PESP grant recipients and those not active in the Cultural and Creative Industries will not be considered.

Independent Review Panel

The selection will be overseen by an independent panel, comprising business leaders and arts practitioners with deep insights into the creative sector.

Application Procedure

Interested and meet the criteria? The path to this golden opportunity starts here.

Make sure to submit your application by Friday, 22nd September 2023, 17:00 or earlier.

We believe that this program is a stepping stone towards fostering a rich and vibrant cultural and creative sector in South Africa.

Are you ready to be a part of this transformative journey?

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What is the maximum funding amount one can receive?

The maximum funding amount is R 3,000,000.

Can film production projects apply for this funding?

No, film production projects are not eligible for this grant.

Is there a preference in the selection of projects?

Yes, projects involving women, youth, and people living with disabilities will be given priority.

What is the deadline for application submission?

The deadline is Friday, 22nd September 2023, at 17:00.

How can one apply?

Applications can be submitted through this link.

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