Coronation Group: A New Dawn in African Wealth Creation

Learn how Coronation Group, with its newly acquired CMHC license from SEC, aims to revolutionize wealth creation in Africa.

Coronation Group’s Big Leap: SEC’s CMHC License

In a groundbreaking move, the Coronation Group Limited has obtained a Capital Market Holding Company (CMHC) license from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

This significant milestone is indeed a beacon lighting the path to the company’s visionary quest—democratizing wealth creation in Africa by leveraging robust ecosystems.

Mission Statement: Financial Empowerment for All

Coronation Group aims to bring financial growth to every African, no matter their economic background.

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By utilizing the power of dynamic ecosystems, the firm believes in making wealth creation a possibility for all.

The company’s mantra focuses on eliminating economic inequalities and fostering an era where wealth isn’t a privilege, but a right for all Africans.

The Coronation Ecosystem: A Symphony of Subsidiaries

A conglomerate of distinct companies, the Coronation Group Limited comprises several subsidiaries.

These include Coronation Capital Limited, Coronation Asset Management Limited, and Coronation Securities Limited, among others.

They’re also affiliated with Coronation Insurance Plc., Coronation Life Assurance Limited, and Coronation Merchant Bank Limited.

This remarkable assemblage signifies the group’s commitment to creating a diverse range of opportunities for wealth creation.

Building Digital Platforms: The Road to Exponential Growth

Under the strategic leadership of Group Managing Director and CEO Wole Onasanya, the company’s mission is to build powerful digital platforms.

This initiative aims to foster strategic partnerships for exponential growth, all while maximizing shareholder returns.

The focal point of their strategy is technology—creating platforms that would bridge the gap between wealth and its creators.

Democratizing Access to Investment: Coronation’s Noble Cause

Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, Chairman of Coronation Group, beautifully captures their vision.

He spoke about the first five years of Coronation’s journey and the company’s objective to democratize access to investments, lending, and insurance.

This mission helps individuals achieve financial independence, forging enduring legacies, and embodying the spirit of true growth in Africa.

Coronation’s Journey: A Testament of Dedication

MD/CEO Wole Onasanya highlighted Coronation’s primary objective—making wealth creation accessible for all Africans.

The company’s strategy revolves around offering integrated financial services backed by outstanding talent, all delivered through advanced technology platforms.

Their goal is to support their clients’ prosperity journeys, promising more than just financial returns.

The Benefits: What Does Coronation Offer?

Aig-Imoukhuede further emphasized the advantages Coronation Group brings to its clients.

He lauded the company’s culture of innovation and excellence, which drives it to deliver exceptional experiences for clients.

By providing transformative solutions on a large scale, the firm is strategically positioned to solve Africa’s unique challenges.

A Commitment to Deploy $500 million of Capital by 2033

To showcase its commitment towards its mission, Coronation Group plans to deploy $500 million of its capital into the business by 2033.

As of now, with $200 million of its capital, Coronation Group stands tall among privately-owned players on the continent.

Transparent Operations and Corporate Governance

Pai Gamde, Chief Talent Officer of Coronation Group, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to strong corporate governance practices.

She stressed the importance of transparency and accountability in their operations.

With the acquisition of the CMHC license from SEC, Coronation Group Limited has marked a significant milestone in its mission.

Its journey to democratize wealth creation in Africa, fueled by its robust ecosystem, integrated financial services, and strategic investments, is poised to revolutionize the continent’s financial landscape.

As the group commits to deploy a whopping $500 million by 2033, the promise of a prosperous Africa seems more reachable than ever before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coronation Group’s mission?

Coronation Group aims to democratize wealth creation in Africa by harnessing the power of ecosystems.

What does the CMHC license mean for Coronation Group?

The CMHC license from the SEC signifies regulatory recognition, enabling Coronation Group to further its mission in wealth creation.

What are the strategic priorities of Coronation Group?

The priorities include building digital platforms, establishing strategic partnerships for exponential growth, and maximizing shareholder returns.

What is Coronation Group’s plan for the future?

The group plans to deploy $500 million of capital into the business by 2033.

What does Coronation Group offer its clients?

Apart from financial returns, the company promises to be a trusted partner on their clients’ journey to prosperity, providing access to integrated financial services backed by exceptional talent and technology.

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