38 High-Paying Job Vacancies in the UK for Nigerians

Explore 15K per Hour Opportunities: UK Unveils 38 High-Paying Jobs for Nigerians 🇳🇬 Discover how the UK government is opening doors to skilled workers from Nigeria with enticing hourly rates and skilled worker visa options.

In a bid to attract skilled professionals from Nigeria, the UK government has highlighted 38 exciting job opportunities that offer a minimum hourly wage of 15,000 Naira.

This initiative offers Nigerians in diverse fields a path to a promising future.

To qualify for a skilled worker visa, applicants need a job that pays at least 80% of the standard salary for that position.

Let’s explore these lucrative job opportunities and how Nigerians can make the most of this chance.

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Navigating the UK’s Official Shortage Occupations List

Overview of the Updated Job Listings
The UK government has updated its job listings, featuring diverse roles with high pay and growth potential.

Prospective applicants can refer to the official website to explore these positions and understand the criteria for the Skilled Worker visa.

Listed jobs span healthcare, engineering, and design industries, among others.

Key Details to Note

To ensure a smooth application process, candidates should note that the annual salaries mentioned are calculated based on a 37.5-hour work week.

However, adjustments will be made to accommodate different work schedules, as stipulated by the hiring firms.

Certain roles offer an appealing hourly wage of 15,000 Naira, making it an attractive opportunity for skilled professionals in Nigeria.

Now, let’s focus on vital occupations and their salaries while gaining insight into the job market.

UK businesses have consistently welcomed international talent, aiming to enhance their workforce with diverse skills and viewpoints.

A recent report from Legit.ng emphasized on the array of companies certified to employ and sponsor international talents.

Sectors span technology, commerce, education, and media, providing ample opportunities for Nigerian professionals to demonstrate their skills.

Now, let’s examine the salary breakdown of specific job roles.

To give you a glimpse, here’s a quick overview of some of the highlighted jobs along with their respective annual and hourly pay rates:

Health Services and Public Health Managers and Directors

Here’s a table presenting the data you provided:

OccupationAnnual Salary (£)Hourly Rate (£)
Chemical Scientists33,04016.94
Civil Engineers22,80011.69
Mechanical Engineers27,76014.24
Electrical Engineers26,40013.54
Graphic Designers31,44016.12
Carpenters and Joiners18,4009.44
Insights into UK Skilled Worker Visa18,0009.23

Please note that the salary figures are in pounds (£).

Switching Jobs or Employers

In case you are considering a change in role or employer, be prepared to initiate a new application for the skilled worker visa to maintain your eligibility.

Application Prerequisites: A Comprehensive Guide

Critical Application Components

To enhance the success rate of your Skilled Worker visa application, ensure to gather the following documents:

  • A valid passport
  • Certificate of Sponsorship reference number
  • Details of the job title and its annual salary
  • Designated occupation code for the job
  • Information about the hiring firm, including their sponsor license number
  • Proof of sufficient personal savings

Required Family Relationship Documents:

  • Marriage or Birth Certificates for Spouse or Children Criminal record certificate (for jobs involving vulnerable groups)
  • Evidence of proficiency in English language
  • With this extensive guide at your disposal, Nigerian professionals can navigate the UK job market with confidence and make well-informed decisions.

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