Call For Applications: Youth of Enterprise (YOE) Paid Internship Program For Nigerian Youths May 2024

At EnterpriseNGR, we have noticed the big problem of not having enough jobs for our young people. We want to help solve this problem. That is why we started the Youth of Enterprise (YOE) Internship Programme.

What is the Youth of Enterprise Internship Programme?

The Youth of Enterprise Internship Programme is a plan from EnterpriseNGR to help young people get jobs and improve their skills. This program is not just about talking about the problem. It is about doing something to help.

The program is a paid six-month training where young Nigerians can learn new things and start their careers in a strong way.

Why Did We Start This Programme?

Nigeria has about 220 million people, and half of them are young people. Sadly, more than 42% of these young people do not have jobs. Many others do not have good jobs (Source: Nigerian Bureau of Statistics).

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With the Youth of Enterprise Internship Programme, we want to make young Nigerians ready for good jobs. We want them to do well at work.

Our Mission

You often see graduates who have worked hard to finish school but still can’t find good jobs. Some of them end up doing small jobs, and others feel very sad because they have no job at all.

Our schools may not teach them everything they need for big company jobs. Also, it is not easy to find out about job openings.

But we want to change this with the Youth of Enterprise Internship Programme. Our mission is to give Nigerian graduates the skills and experience they need to do well in their jobs and be as good as people working all over the world.

By doing this, EnterpriseNGR helps to build skills in companies and solve the job problem in Nigeria.

Our Promise

The Youth of Enterprise is how EnterpriseNGR promises to:

  • Help the next group of people who will work in offices and companies
  • Give real work experience that means something
  • Create a network of support and connections
  • Find chances for our interns to learn and grow
  • Get ready for future growth

Are You Ready to Start?

The Youth of Enterprise will prepare you to be a great choice for jobs in Nigeria. You will get:

  • Skills for employability
  • Training while doing the job
  • Guidance from mentors
  • No cost to you

Visit our website to learn more and join the program: EnterpriseNGR YOE Programme

By being part of this programme, you will learn a lot and get ready to be an important part of Nigeria’s workforce. We are here to help you start your career journey in a positive way. Join us and let’s make a difference together!

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