FG’s N25k Monthly Cash Transfer 2024: Who Qualifies and How to Get It

The Nigerian government has announced the resumption of its conditional cash transfer program, providing financial assistance to 15 million vulnerable households.

This initiative aims to alleviate the economic hardship faced by many Nigerians amidst rising food prices and living costs.

Who is eligible?

Here’s what you need to know to be considered for the program:

  • Needs assessment: The program targets the poorest and most vulnerable families in the country. The government uses existing data from the National Social Register (NSR) to identify eligible households.
  • Basic requirements: To receive the N25,000 monthly transfer, individuals must possess a National Identity Number (NIN) and a Biometric Verification Number (BVN). Additionally, access to a mobile phone is necessary for communication and potential transaction purposes.

How to apply:

Unfortunately, direct applications are not accepted for this program.

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Beneficiaries are selected based on the pre-existing data in the NSR.

This data is compiled through various government surveys and community engagements aimed at identifying vulnerable populations.

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What to do if you believe you qualify:

While direct applications are not possible, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Check your NSR registration: Visit the National Social Safety Nets Coordinating Office (NASSCO) website (https://nassp.gov.ng/) or contact your local government authorities to verify your registration status in the NSR.
  2. Stay informed: Follow official government channels, like the NASSCO website and social media pages, for updates and announcements regarding the program.
  3. Report discrepancies: If you believe you qualify but are not registered in the NSR, report the issue to the appropriate authorities through designated channels established by NASSCO or your local government.

Additional points to remember:

  • The program is subject to change based on government discretion and available resources.
  • The N25,000 transfer might be distributed in installments over a specific period.
  • Transparency and accountability are crucial aspects of the program. If you suspect any irregularities or misuse of funds, report them to the relevant authorities.

Absolutely! Here’s additional information on the FG’s N25k Monthly Cash Transfer, building upon the previous article:

Why Focus on Cash Transfers?

Cash transfer programs directly empower beneficiaries by giving them control over addressing their most urgent needs, whether it’s food, healthcare, education, or starting small businesses. This cash injection into struggling communities creates a ripple effect, boosting local businesses and contributing to overall economic activity. It specifically targets the most vulnerable, those lacking safety nets or other support systems, helping reduce extreme poverty and its social consequences.

These initiatives build upon past social investment programs, applying lessons learned and improving upon implementation challenges. Positive results from previous iterations show beneficiaries using the funds for improved nutrition, enrolling in school, accessing healthcare, and starting small businesses. By providing a financial buffer, cash transfers help vulnerable households weather shocks like crop failures or unexpected expenses, reducing their risk of falling deeper into poverty.

However, preventing fraud is crucial. Strict verification procedures using national identification and bank verification numbers are essential to ensure funds reach intended recipients. The government needs robust monitoring systems in place. Reaching remote communities requires innovative methods like mobile banking or partnerships with local organizations. Long-term funding and consistent implementation are essential for lasting impact.

So, how can you advocate for this program? You can support NGOs working with vulnerable communities to amplify their voices and advocate for effective implementation. Contact elected officials to express your support and its potential to improve lives. Raise awareness within your community to help eligible individuals understand the process and benefits.

Remember, staying informed about the program’s developments is crucial. Rely on official government channels, reputable news outlets, and civil society organizations for accurate information

Important Note: It’s crucial to stay updated on the program’s developments through official government channels, reputable news outlets, and civil society organizations.


The FG’s N25,000 monthly cash transfer program offers a much-needed financial safety net for vulnerable Nigerians.

While direct applications are not possible, understanding the eligibility criteria and taking proactive steps to verify your NSR registration can help ensure you are included in this crucial initiative.

Remember, staying informed and reporting any discrepancies are essential for a smooth and successful program implementation.

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