Various Mechanic Positions in Australia with Visa Sponsorship in 2024

Explore career growth and stability with Mechanic Jobs at Hofmann Engineering in Bassendean, Perth. Offering visa sponsorship for skilled machinists, Hofmann is a family-run leader in heavy equipment manufacturing.

About Hofmann Engineering

Hofmann Engineering is in Bassendean, Perth. They offer a great chance for skilled machine workers.

What Hofmann Does

Hofmann is a family business. They are known for making heavy machines really well. They have lots of big clients in mining, aerospace, and defense. People think highly of them.

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Why Hofmann is Special

  • They make heavy machines.
  • They’re a family business.
  • Lots of important clients like them.
  • They want to grow more in 2024/2025.
  • One of the best in Australia for heavy machines.

Mechanic Positions

Here’s an easier way to understand the passage:

Hofmann Engineering has many Machinist positions available for people with specific machining and operating experience.

These positions cover a wide range of specialties, including:
• Grinding
• Turning
• Floor/Vertical boring
• 5 Axis
• Milling
• Gear cutting

Required Mechanic Experience

The company is inviting applications from both local and global aspirants. With the provision of VISA sponsorship, it’s a golden chance for international candidates to work in Australia.

To be considered for a Machinist position at Hofmann Engineering, you must have:
Certificate in Mechanical Machining or Fitting

Experience in one or more of the listed machining/operating areas

Can read and understand engineering sketches

  • The ability to review technical problems in detail
  • strong team-oriented approach
  • Proficiency in computer literacy
  • In simpler words, you must have:
  • A trade certificate in machining
  • Experience in the types of machining listed above
  • The ability to read and understand technical drawings
  • The ability to solve technical problems
  • Good at teamwork
  • The ability to use computers
  • Hofmann Engineering offers a good salary and benefits package, including:
  • A gym at work
  • Social club activities
  • Free parking
  • Closed for Christmas
  • Physiotherapy services at work
  • Chances to work abroad and grow your career

How to Apply for Mechanic Position in Australia

Are you looking for a Machinist job? Hofmann Engineering in Bassendean is hiring.

It’s easy to park your car there.

You can apply or ask for more information on their website.

Skilled machinists will find Hofmann Engineering an ideal place to work, thanks to their dedication to excellence, a wide range of clients, and a benefits package designed for a rewarding career.


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Can people from other countries get help with a visa to work at Hofmann Engineering?

Yes, Hofmann Engineering can help people from other countries get a visa.

What do I need to study to apply for a job here?

Does Hofmann Engineering give any extra things besides pay?

Does Hofmann Engineering give any extra things besides pay?

Yes, they offer extra things like a gym you can use, a social club, free places to park, and more.

How do I ask for a job as a Mechanic at Hofmann Engineering?

You can go to the Hofmann Engineering job website to apply or get more information.

Where is Hofmann Engineering?

It’s in Bassendean, which is a part of Perth in Western Australia.

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