The University of Edinburgh Mastercard Foundation Scholarships for International Student 2024

Apply now for the 2024–2025 University of Edinburgh Mastercard Foundation Scholarships! Join us in addressing the climate crisis and becoming a future leader with top-tier, sustainability-focused postgraduate study opportunities.

University of Edinburgh Mastercard Foundation Scholarships!

Content: For the 2024–2025 academic year, The University of Edinburgh is excited to announce that applications are now open for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarships.

We warmly invite international students who aspire to make a difference in the face of the climate crisis to apply and be part of this transformative program.

About The University of Edinburgh Mastercard Foundation Scholarships:

The University of Edinburgh’s Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is dedicated to nurturing a community of future leaders from Africa who possess the skills, entrepreneurship, and compassion needed to address the pressing challenges posed by the climate catastrophe.

Through this initiative, we offer gifted young individuals a remarkable array of top-tier, sustainability-focused postgraduate study opportunities, equipping them with the networks, knowledge, and expertise required to drive sustainable transitions.

About The University of Edinburgh

Established in 1582, the University of Edinburgh stands as the oldest civic institution in the English-speaking world and the sixth-oldest in the United Kingdom.

Today, it boasts a diverse student body of over 45,000 individuals spread across five campuses throughout the city.

The university is renowned for housing some of the world’s most significant collections, encompassing rare books, manuscripts, art, music, natural history, geology, and anatomy.

With research recognized as world-leading or internationally excellent in 90% of cases, the university has been honored with five Queen’s Anniversary Prizes.

Since 1967, its commercial services have played a pivotal role in launching over 500 businesses.

In the 2021 Research Excellence Framework, 90 percent of the university’s research activity was classified as world-leading or internationally excellent.

The University of Edinburgh ranks fourth in the UK for research power, solidifying its position as one of the world’s top research-intensive universities (Times Higher Education, Overall Ranking of Institutions).

The university’s three colleges house 21 schools, fostering excellence in education and research.

About Mastercard Foundation

As one of the world’s largest philanthropic foundations, the Mastercard Foundation holds charitable registration in Canada and collaborates with visionary organizations to advance financial inclusion and education.

This commitment extends to empowering young people in Canada’s Indigenous communities and Africa, enabling them to secure dignified and purposeful employment opportunities.

About the Mastercard Foundation

What is the Mastercard Foundation? The Mastercard Foundation is a special group that started in 2006. They got help from Mastercard, a big company. They are in places like Toronto, Kigali, Accra, Nairobi, Kampala, Lagos, Dakar, and Addis Ababa.

Who Runs the Foundation? Some important people, like the Board of Directors and leaders, make sure the Foundation works well. They decide on the rules and plans.

What Does the Foundation Want to Do? The Foundation wants to work with smart people and groups. They want to help young people in Canada’s Indigenous communities and Africa. They want these young people to find good jobs that make them feel proud.

What’s Their Dream? The Foundation’s dream is to make a world where young people are not just important but also where their talents and skills are appreciated.

What Do They Believe In? They believe that young people should have the chance to do great things. They want to help them change the world for the better.

How Will They Do It? To make their dream come true, they will make things work better and help create good rules. They will also make a place where young people can find jobs and start their own businesses.

Who Helps Them? They work with important people and groups like businesses, people who give money, young people, and community groups. Together, they want to make things better for everyone.

Their Goal: A Better World for All They want to help everyone in society do well and learn new things. They are here to make things better for young people and everyone else.

Scholarship Information

Host: University of Edinburgh

Type of Scholarship: Funded

Level of study: Graduate

Eligibility: International Students

Why Choose the University of Edinburgh for Your Education?

Content: For over 425 years, the University of Edinburgh has been synonymous with providing exceptional education, earning global recognition for our research, innovation, and creativity.

As one of the world’s premier universities, we consistently rank among the top institutions, securing the 22nd position in the QS World University Rankings for 2024, and maintaining a strong presence in the world’s top 50 universities.

Exceptional Graduate Outcomes: Employers worldwide hold our graduates in high regard, ranking them 26th globally.

Our commitment to excellence in education and research equips our students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their chosen fields.

Pioneering Research: The University of Edinburgh is renowned worldwide for its groundbreaking research across diverse fields.

In Scotland, we hold the top position among universities, and in the UK, we are ranked fourth for the caliber and breadth of our research, also known as research power, according to the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF2021).

Nearly 90% of our research efforts fall into the highest categories, denoted as “world-leading” and “internationally excellent,” respectively, as per the REF2021 results.

This represents a 10% increase from the previous REF in 2014.

Innovative Teaching: We consistently receive the highest possible ratings for the quality of the student learning experience, as attested by the most recent report from the Quality

Why Choose the University of Edinburgh: A Global Leader in Education

Content: Experts in Online Learning: With a rich history of expertise in online education dating back to 2005, we have welcomed over 8,000 online students to date.

Presently, we offer the largest portfolio of postgraduate online degrees in the United Kingdom.

Our online programs are highly regarded for their adaptability, excellence, and support, making them a preferred choice for students seeking to balance academic pursuits with family and career responsibilities.

A Vibrant Global Community: Our commitment to a comprehensive internationalization plan ensures that our research and education have a far-reaching impact on the world.

The University of Edinburgh is proudly among the top 20 international universities globally, attracting students from two-thirds of the world’s nations.

We engage in collaborative partnerships with leading universities across the globe in various disciplines, spanning e-science, engineering, life and medical sciences, as well as the arts and culture.

Additionally, we are active members of prestigious European networks like the Coimbra Group and LERU, and part of the esteemed global research network, Universitas 21.

Our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive global community is at the heart of our mission.

Scholarship Categories: Explore the diverse scholarship opportunities offered by the University of Edinburgh to support your educational journey and enable you to excel in your chosen field.

Our scholarships are designed to empower students and facilitate their academic pursuits, ensuring that talent and potential are nurtured to the fullest.

Scholarship Categories:

On-Campus Postgraduate Scholarships

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is committed to making a significant impact on climate change.

Our aim is to cultivate a network of exceptional, entrepreneurial, and compassionate leaders from across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Through the University of Edinburgh’s Scholars Program, we offer a diverse range of outstanding postgraduate options with a sustainability focus.

Our goal is to empower young individuals with the knowledge, skills, and networks needed to lead sustainable transitions.

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Online Postgraduate Scholarships

tarting on October 23, 2023, we will be actively seeking outstanding youth with strong academic records and leadership qualities, particularly those who have overcome educational challenges and are deeply committed to their studies, to apply for an online scholarship at the University of Edinburgh.

For those who prefer to study locally and need to continue working (for example, to remain close to their families), online courses offer an excellent opportunity to attain a qualification.

Online degrees offered by the University of Edinburgh are on par with those available on campus.

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Programs Available

We have different programs you can join in September 2024. You can study on-campus or online. We want to help young women, young people with disabilities, and young people who are refugees or displaced. We also have financial aid for some Master’s programs.

On-Campus Programs:

  1. Africa and International Development: Learn about Africa’s development.
  2. Climate Change Finance and Investment: Study how to invest in climate change solutions.
  3. Data, Inequality, and Society: Understand data and how it affects society.
  4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Learn how to start new businesses.
  5. Environment & Development: Study the environment and how it connects to development.
  6. Environmental Sustainability: Learn how to protect the environment.
  7. Food Security: Study how to make sure people have enough food.
  8. Operational Research: Learn about solving problems with math.
  9. Planetary Health: Understand how health is connected to the planet.
  10. Sustainable Energy Systems: Study clean and renewable energy.

Online Distance Learning Programs:

  1. Carbon Management (Masters route only): Learn about reducing carbon emissions.
  2. International Development (Masters route only): Study how countries develop.
  3. Circular Economy (Masters or Diploma): Learn about a sustainable economy.
  4. Global Food Security and Nutrition (Masters or Diploma): Study how to make sure everyone has enough healthy food.
  5. Global Challenges (Masters or Diploma): Understand big global problems.
  6. One Health (Masters or Diploma): Study how human and animal health are connected.
  7. Sustainable Lands and Cities (Masters or Diploma): Learn about sustainable cities and lands.
  8. Social Justice and Community Action (Masters or Diploma): Understand fairness and how communities work.

Apply to these programs after getting the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship. We want to help you succeed!

How to Apply

Click here to visit the official website for detailed application instructions and to begin your journey toward becoming a Mastercard Foundation Scholar at the University of Edinburgh.

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