UNILAG Responds to School Fee Increase Allegations

Dive into the recent buzz around the UNILAG fee hike controversy. Was there really a double increase? UNILAG sets the record straight.

Have you heard the recent buzz surrounding the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and its alleged fee hike?

Many have been led to believe that the University increased its fees not once, but twice in a single month.

Today, we’re diving deep into this controversy to uncover the truth.

UNILAG’s Official Statement

The University of Lagos, on a recent Friday, issued an official statement aimed at setting the records straight.

UNILAG’s Head of Communication Unit, Adejoke Alaga-Ibraheem, emphasized:

Misleading Information Circulating: There are misleading reports that the University imposed additional unauthorized charges on top of the recent fee adjustments.

This information is false.

The Only Increase Made

UNILAG clarified that the only adjustment made was the “Adjusted Obligatory Fees” for both New and Returning Undergraduate Students.

So, why are there misconceptions?

Misrepresentations and Their Impact

Misleading claims can cause panic and confusion. UNILAG stated:

Our Stand: We categorically refute baseless claims that suggest another fee adjustment. We understand the economic realities our students face.

There hasn’t been any new increment notice other than what was published on our official website on July 21, 2023.

UNILAG’s Dedication to Integrity

Accurate, verifiable, and timely information is crucial. False narratives not only mislead but can tarnish an institution’s integrity.

The University commented:

Our Dedication: We prioritize our students’ trust and won’t compromise our integrity with misleading fee adjustments.

A Plea to the Public

Misinformation can be harmful. Therefore, UNILAG requests:

Our Request: We implore students, parents, and the general public to rely on our official communication channels for authentic updates regarding fees and other university-related matters.

Ensuring Quality Education

At its core, UNILAG remains committed to its educational mandate. They stated:

Our Commitment: Rest assured of our dedication to ensuring our students get the best learning experience.

A Look Back

Did you catch the initial announcement? On July 21, UNILAG did adjust its fees.

Students in medicine now have fees set at N190,250, while those in courses requiring laboratory and studio use have theirs at N140,250.

This adjustment, which will be effective from the 2023/2024 academic session, considers the current economic realities and the University’s responsibilities towards its students and staff.

In an age of rapid information dissemination, it’s vital to ensure what we share and believe is accurate.

UNILAG’s commitment to its students and its proactive steps in clarifying these rumors highlight its dedication to transparency and truth.

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Did UNILAG increase its fees twice in one month?

No, UNILAG confirmed only one adjustment: the “Adjusted Obligatory Fees” for New and Returning Undergraduate Students.

How has the University responded to the misleading reports?

UNILAG issued an official statement refuting the claims and emphasizing the importance of accurate information.

When was the official fee adjustment announced?

The adjustment was announced on July 21, 2023.

Where can students and parents get authentic updates?

UNILAG encourages everyone to rely on its official communication channels for all updates.

Is the fee adjustment due to economic factors?

Yes, the adjustment considers the current economic realities and the University’s responsibilities.

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