UMAPS Program: U-M’s Game-Changer for African Academia

Dive deep into the UMAPS program, a transformative initiative by U-M, designed to elevate African academia to global heights.

Discover the benefits, qualifications, and how to be a part of this journey

Fortifying African universities can trigger a ripple effect on the continent’s growth and prestige.

Picture this: Universities are like roots nourishing the soil, allowing a tree to grow and bear fruit.

Likewise, reinforcing these educational foundations can drive broad prosperity in Africa.

Enter the UMAPS program!

Unfolding the UMAPS Initiative

A Glimpse into the Program
The U-M African Presidential Scholars (UMAPS) program isn’t just any academic initiative. It bridges African educators with global opportunities.

Ever pondered the sense of belonging to a vast academic realm, where borders fade and ideas converge?

Fostering International Collaborations

Bringing early-career faculty from various African universities to Ann Arbor, Michigan, is no small feat. But the real magic? Scholars aren’t just on a study trip.

They’re immersed in a collaborative environment, paired with a faculty counterpart, and granted full access to U-M’s vast resources.

Envision venturing into unexplored research domains, engaging in distinctive academic endeavors, and shaping the forthcoming pioneering research.

All these become possible with UMAPS.

Diverse Disciplines Unite

UMAPS’ beauty lies in its adaptability.

Whether you embrace engineering complexities, delve into profound literature, or navigate the dynamic economics realm, there’s space for all.

Flexible Cohort Options

Think of it as an academic buffet – you get to choose when you want to embark on this journey.

Whether you’re eyeing the August-December slot or the January-May one, UMAPS is flexible.

Just remember, while wishes are many, the seats are limited!

About University of Michigan

A Beacon of Knowledge in Michigan
The University of Michigan isn’t just another institution.

Founded way back in 1817 in Detroit, this academic powerhouse has been the torchbearer of knowledge in Michigan even before it was declared a state.

Its legacy is as profound as its commitment to excellence.

Perks of Being a UMAPS Scholar

Extended Residency: Enjoy up to six months at the heart of academic innovation – University of Michigan.
Travel Convenience: Get round-trip airfare from your homeland to the buzzing city of Ann Arbor.
Comfortable Living: Free housing, stipend for living, and even healthcare! We’ve got you covered.
Ample Opportunities: Be it showcasing your research or getting the best resources, U-M has it all.

Dive Deep: Qualification Metrics

To ensure only the best get this golden ticket, there are some prerequisites.

Young educators with less than a decade in higher education and currently teaching in an African institution, this might be your calling!

Remember, a robust recommendation from your home institution can be your game-changer.

Selections & Criteria

It’s not just about academics.

The multidisciplinary committee at U-M looks at various factors, including potential collaborations and the support from your home institution.

And if you’re from a disadvantaged background or are championing gender equity, you’ve got brownie points!

How to Get on Board?

Eager to dive in? Follow the step-by-step process on the University of Michigan’s portal.

And if you’re from a country outside the regular applicant nations, fret not! Just ensure you get a shining nomination from a U-M faculty familiar with your work.

UMAPS transcends an academic exchange.

It’s a guiding light for African educators, offering an opportunity to ascend and interlace their distinct narratives into the global academic fabric.

Ready to join this transformative expedition?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UMAPS program’s primary goal?

It aims to strengthen faculty members in African higher education institutions and promote international academic collaboration.

How long is the UMAPS residency?

The residency can last between four to six months.

Are there any financial benefits for UMAPS scholars?

Yes, scholars receive housing, a stipend, round-trip airfare, and more.

Who is eligible for the UMAPS program?

Early-career faculty from African universities with less than ten years of teaching experience qualify. They should also have a recommendation from their home institution.

Can I choose my cohort for the UMAPS program?

Applicants can indicate their preferred cohort, but placements are not guaranteed.

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